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Begin Again Again

Well, we got through all the closets and dressers in the house this past weekend, but now there is a mountain of clothes in the hallway that my kids have to climb over to get to their rooms.  Today, I guess I should clear the road, but I have discovered a new website and am getting sucked into it:  www.SparkPeople.com.  I am having a hard time with those pesky last 10 pounds.  After breaking my collar bone about a month before we left Guam (that was 4 years ago this month!), I had to pause my workouts.  Then we started a whole new routine with our next military post (as I will write about with our Paris experiences).  So I gained close to 20 pounds in about 2 years.  I have lost about 10 of them again since we’ve been back in the States and am determined to get rid of those last 10 and maybe a little more.  Basically, I just want to be in good shape – whatever weight that ends up being is fine.

Next project is going through the garage.  Maybe I’ll start on that one tomorrow…



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12 Hours Later

We are back home in Virginia safe and sound – sans husband.  He stayed in Florida to take care of a few things with the houses and will drive back up in a few days.  I am relieved to have one less thing to worry about when we arrive there this summer, somewhere to live while our house is being built.  I really hope that we can be in our ultimate house before year’s end, but I know not to put too much of my hope in that idea as things happen.  We shall see.

I am sitting here with The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook in my lap with big dreams.  I was not a good girl over spring break – well it was vacation.  My other excuse is that I did something to my knee a few weeks ago while running and thought it had healed, but then it (I think it’s my IT band) flared up again with all of the walking we did in NYC.  I found some stretches and exercises on line that I hope will help and will start those tomorrow because I really need to run off these few pounds I put on this past week.  I am determined to get into better shape these last 2 months we have here before we pack out.  I have been cutting out lots of different <bad> foods from my family’s diet over the years, but I’d really like to start making some things like breads, protein bars, whatever I can, from scratch as much as possible.  I like the idea of fresh ingredients.  It’s just a matter of finding the desire and energy and making the time to experiment with new recipes.

One last thing that I have been working on lately is going to bed at a decent time, so I’m off to get some zzz’s.


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Change Will Do You Good

Today, I decided I needed a change on my blog.  I really loved the simpleness of the other lay-out but have always wanted more than just the one column.  I am always envious of other bloggers’ cool looking sites, with all of the links and gadgets.  But I’m still such a newbie and haven’t caught on to all of  the neat extras yet.  Maybe one day, I will figure it all out.  In the meantime, I found this customizable header and will play around some more with it over the next few days. 

I also decided to jump back on the treadmill this morning after a two-week break.  Unfortunately, I added a  few of the pounds back on that I had worked so hard to get off over the past few months.  I just wasn’t in the mood to workout and needed the break.  But now, I need to get back on the horse.

I’ve also committed to drinking more water everyday.  I made that as one of my New Year’s resolutions but am hit or miss with it.  I was inspired yesterday when I visited my account on www.ExperienceProject.com and saw that they have added a new section called My Challenges.  They have a 14-day Drink More Water Challenge, and if you complete it, you will be entered to win 6 cases of Metromint Water (one of each flavor – Peppermint, Spearmint, Cherrymint, Lemonmint, Orangemint, and Chocolatemint) , a Metromint tote bag, and a Metromint t-shirt.  I’ve never heard of Metromint Water, so I’m going to have to check it out.  Whether I end up winning or not, though, I know that I am doing something good for my body.


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Argh, Matey

The kids are slowly getting back into their routines.  Two of them already have big projects due Friday.  My oldest is up before the crack of dawn each day for swim team practice.  I sure am glad he can drive now!  Since he didn’t keep up with it over the break, he’s having to play catch up.  I think his bed will see more of him than anyone this week.  I seem to be getting a little better sleep at night with my pick up of activity during the day as well.  It’s so fun to be lazy over the holidays, but it puts a toll on my body at the same time.  I think I like the way I feel after a workout better than after stuffing my face with a plateful of cookies.  (No, I am not crazy, ‘cuz eating the cookies is way more fun!)

We got one of those “As Seen on TV” Iron Gyms for Christmas this year from Santa.  My sons and husband decided to put it in the doorway between our living and family rooms.  Surprisingly, it’s not too obtrusive and it’s very stable.  The only one of us who can even do pull-ups is my husband.  I think our oldest can come close, but the rest of us need some help.  Once I get up there, I can hold one for a little while, but the youngest two aren’t quite that strong yet.  My husband offered our youngest a monetary reward if he can do one pull-up.  So each time he goes through the doorway, he gets set by hanging from the handles, pulls up with all of his might, and says, “Look, did you see that?  I came up a little more!” 

That reminds me it’s time for my workout – argh!

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All Is Calm…

…once again.  As much as I love it when the kids get to take breaks from school (I can sleep in with them, there’s no rush to do homework or projects, we can play games all day or watch tv or do nothing, and there’s a more relaxed atmosphere around the house), I get another kind of calm when they go back to school.  There are no squabbles to break up, there aren’t quite as many messes to clean up, and I don’t have to yell, “Close the door!” every time they go in and out to play.  The best part is I get my schedule back.

I do better when I have a schedule.  When things are in order, I am more calm.  When new or unexpected things pop up, I sometimes don’t initially react well, but I eventually deal and adjust as necessary.  I’ve had to learn to do that a lot in the past 17 years.  This next and last military move has been on our minds since we arrived here in Virginia.  I know things will be fine; it’s going to be a little different, so I have to prepare for that.  I like to have all my ducks in a row, so when I’ve said that I’m nervous about this or that, I’m just getting ready for what’s ahead.

And what’s ahead right now is getting back to the gym.  I’m on my way out for a jog right now.

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