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From NYC to Florida

I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with my daughter this past weekend.  Our trip to NYC was fun and exhausting.  We arrived Thursday night and went to dinner and a play, Mary Poppins.  It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!  Really, it was awesome.  Friday we got up (not so) bright and early to a rainy, gray day.  But that didn’t slow us down.  We headed back to Manhatten where my daughter’s choral group performed in the largest cathedral in the world, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.  Their voices echoed throughout the building; it was amazing.  Next stop was a tour of Radio City Music Hall; the group got to meet 2 of the 200 present-day Rockettes and see how the revolving stage works from down below.  Next was free time for lunch and some souvenir shopping.  That night we saw another play, The Phantom of the Opera.  Saturday we packed up for our 7-hour trip home.  But before we left the Big Apple, we went to Top of the Rock and saw a 360* view of the city 70 stories up.  Afterwards, we had lunch at Hard Rock Café and arrived home just before midnight.

This weekend we head to Florida for Spring Break, and hopefully we will find a place to live when we arrive in June while our house is being built.  I can’t believe we are 70 days out from our pack-out.  My husband and I sat down last night with our kids after dinner to talk about how they feel about this move.  It will be different than any other they have done.  I hope that we can make this move as easy as we can on them.  Some of our (my husband’s and my) anxieties have transferred to them, so I’ve got to work harder at trying to remain as calm as I can with this move.  I tend to seem a little stressed at packing time.  I just feel like there is so much to do, and I want it all done as close to perfection as possible.  I need to try to not get anxious when things don’t go like they are supposed to and just breathe.


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New * Yawk * Citeee

I’m going to the Big Apple later this week with my daughter.  She is so excited.  And so am I.  I have been before, but I think I am excited because my daughter is so happy that I am going too.  Her school choir is going to sing at the Cathedral of St. John The Divine – that’s the main reason for the trip.  We are also going to squeeze in two broadway shows, Mary Poppins and the Phantom of the Opera, (window) shop on 5th Ave., tour Radio City Music Hall, and visit the Top of the Rock. 

The first time I visited NYC was about 20 years ago with my parents and sisters.  We saw Cats.  And we got to peruse the fake Rolex’s and see Central Park and the Rockettes.  It will be neat to see how my daughter likes it.  She’s been around the world, so seeing new places is fun to her but nothing new.  I had hardly been out of the South at age 14, so I marvel at all the world has to offer with each new place we go.  It’s amazing how much different the world looks as an adult as compared to when I was younger.  I wonder what my children’s perspectives of the world will be when they are adults. 

Well, I have some packing to do.  Look out NYC – here we come (just a little warning :)).


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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I’m going on a trip this week!  Out of town!  On an airplane!  All by my lonesome!  I’m excited!  I’m going to see my little sister, who I haven’t seen in almost three years.  Her husband’s job has them out in Arizona while I’m on the other coast in Virginia.  A little over a year ago, she discovered a brand new company started out there in Arizona called Sashay Jewelry.  She became a consultant while they were still fairly young and has been trying to get me on board to expand their business out this way. 

Unfortunately, I am not a salesperson.  I don’t like negotiating to buy a new car.  I didn’t like haggling with street vendors when we visited Thailand (even though it’s what you are supposed to do).  I don’t like all the pressure.  I’m just not built to be in sales like my sister is.  She loves her product, and you can tell.  You want to buy from her.  I can’t do that – okay – I’m just not comfortable doing that. 

Moving around with the military has made it perfect for spouses like me to have businesses like this one.  I have hosted (and bought from) several parties for my friends who sell kitchen items and scrapbooks and jewelry and make-up and children’s books and … I came very close to being a consultant more than once.  But I have learned that I like being the hostess.  I will support a great cause; just don’t ask me to be the spokesperson.

And that is what this trip is about – helping my sister (plus we get to catch up on sister stuff that we can’t do over the phone).  She has a show in Utah this weekend, and she needs someone to go with her.  So I’ll help her drive there and set up her display and sit with her at her booth and keep her company while we chat and she sells.  I wish it were at my house, then I could bake cookies and make hors d’oeuvres.

But this time, my kitchen will stay clean, and I will hang out with my sister.  And I may start my Christmas shopping while I’m there, too:  http://www.sashaylaura.com/.

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