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Another Anniversary

Amazingly, a year ago today we moved into our new (temporary) house here in Florida.  Moving to a new place always distracts me. I have to unpack, learn a new city, make new friends, get into a new routine, etc. This move has been different in that we weren’t able to unpack everything because we are building a new house – our final dream house. We are in a house, but it just isn’t quite big enough for all of the wonderful things we’ve collected over the years. So, we built a garage on our new property which is packed full of many things I miss on occasion but I know I will see again one day.

I continued blogging when we moved here last year, but somehow things distracted me more and more, and I stopped.  And soon I will have a huge distraction – I will start a full-time job in 2 weeks.  I haven’t worked full time in a very long time.  Since we moved so often with the military, we decided that I would stay home with the kids – which began 18 years ago when our oldest son was born.  I had part-time work here and there, mainly when the kids were in school. 

I can’t believe it has actually been a whole year.  And so much has happened, and I did not blog about it.  To pick up from last fall’s blog, the kids of course continued to their next sports:  soccer, basketball, and soccer and my oldest earned MVP for the season.  My sister and her family came and spent Thanksgiving week with us – that was a wild week with 9 people in our house.  I decided to try out a little volunteer work and became the secretary of the Fort White Middle and High School PTO.  I also decided to start a bunco group with my mil and sil and are slowly getting a group of us together once a month.  It is a lot of fun to take a break from life and goof off a bit.

The new year started at the county science fair where my youngest won overall best of fair for middle school; he then went to regionals a month later and won the same thing.  Spring sports were baseball, track and field, and track and field.  All 3 lettered in the varsity sports they played, even my youngest as a 7th grader in track and field – he was so excited.  In March, I became the mother of 3 teenagers when my youngest turned 13.  He is nearly 6′ 2″ tall and may act like he’s 13 but looks nothing like it.  During this whole time period, I searched for jobs and interviewed for 3.  The day before my 40th birthday in April, I applied for one last job before my sisters and mother surprised me with a visit from their homes in Arizona and Louisiana.  They all flew in and arrived at my oldest’s baseball game with balloons and presents in hand.  The biggest surprise was that they had arranged for the 4 of us to go on a weekend cruise.  It was awesome! 

A month and a half later, I received a phone call for an interview at a local college for the position I had applied for the day before my birthday.  I spent an entire day interviewing with 6 different people.  I was told it would probably be 2 weeks before they’d make a decision – less than a week later, they called and asked if I’d like to join the team.    The best part of it all, is that my boss-to-be is on vacation, so I don’t start for another 2 weeks.  So I’ve had the chance to wrap things up around the house that I’ve been putting off, and I also get to spend time with my mother, who flew back in a month ago to spend part of the summer with us.

Many other things have happened over the past 8 months or so (we discovered my youngest has a freckle on one of his eyes, my daughter got her learner’s permit and is now taking driver’s ed, my oldest graduated from high school and got a partial scholarship to college, my kids earned straight A’s all year – except one B one semester from my youngest, our Corgi was hit by a car and died a week before his first birthday, we adopted a sweet abandoned American Bulldog puppy who fought parvovirus, and we are adopting another Corgi in a couple of weeks who is the half sister of our first one.)

And life goes on …


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Welcome to “Florida” Fall

Well, we had a bit of a change in temperature when fall officially hit last week – 50-degree temps in the morning.  It was a wee bit chilly for this southern girl, and I had to put on a sweater to go out at 7:30 in the morning to feed the animals and get the newspaper.  But by mid-day, it was back up in the 80’s! … Welcome to “Florida” Fall!

We have been non-stop since school started.  The oldest started practicing with the football team just about the time our feet hit the ground when moving here in July.  He lasted through the first 4 games of the season with less than 10 plays total among the games.  Since he didn’t grow up here and was instead being moved around the world with a military father, he is not as well-known here and hasn’t been playing with these kids here, so …  He is a senior and does not need to be standing on the sidelines as there is no “Next year” as the coaches seem to use as the typical excuse when asked by a parent whose kid just stands during lots of games.  So, he switched to cross country and is loving it especially since he is in every play 🙂  He’s trying to better his 5k time from Virginia last year and is getting very close.

Our daughter was recruited by the volleyball team and is playing her first year on the JV team.  She has learned a lot, as have I – the rules have changed a lot since I was in school – and has improved in the short time she’s been on the team.  Her height has been a big factor in some success; but it’s her confidence that is always good to see after being confused at times in the beginning.

The youngest finally got the football position he has always wanted – quarterback.  He’s got such a strong arm, however, that his middle school teammates can’t always catch his passes.  So he’s having to learn to adjust some.  We’ve got one month left with the fall sports season, and then we get to find out what they’ll want to do in the winter.

I am feeling a bit more settled especially since all the boxes IN the house have been unpacked, but then we still have a corner in our garage (covering about 1/4 of the floor) stacked with boxes that I haven’t even looked in.  So that is my next project.  I hope that my master bathroom towels are in there; we’re using guest towels, but I miss the ones that match our ensemble.  Not that my husband could give a hoo-ha, but I am one of those OCD (CDO) people that like certain things in their places. 

This weekend is a rare one – and that is why I am finding time to blog – in that none of the kids had a game yesterday or today, and no one HAS to be anywhere in particular.  I am loving it!  But I am thinking of all the things I didn’t get completed last week – making an appointment with the vet (the dog needs some shots, a couple of weeks ago), calling the eye doctor for my youngest who is saying he can’t see the board in some class rooms (ugh!), balancing the checkbook (6 months in arrears – I’ve never been that far behind!), etc.  But for now, I will breathe and watch some college football and enjoy my family on this wonderful Florida Fall day!

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More on Storms, Sports, and School in Guam

Continued from my previous post Welcome to Guam:2002 (part 12).

“8/21/04 (e-mails from me to family back home in the US):  We’ve got a typhoon headed our way.  We have everything brought inside, shutters closed, and we’re hunkered down, yet once again.  The kids are all excited, but I am just dreading it.  I keep hoping that it will go north, but we’re gonna get something.  We’re enjoying the Olympics, when it comes on.  We get some live and some replays.  I’ve got laundry to do before electricity and water go out.  Love, SR”

8/24/04:  We were prleasantly surprised to be without power less than 24 hours this time.  The kids were happy to miss a day of school and reluctantly went back today with wind and rain.  Hopefully that will be gone soon.  Our yard is a mess, but nothing is broken so far.  Some of the island is still without power and water.  G8r is really busy working 14 hours a day, doing “cool” stuff.  He also moves around a lot.  Last week he was in a tent, this week he says he got lucky and is in a trailer with a bed.  He said the cots in the tents are hard on his shoulder (where he broke his collar bone…about 6 months earlier he had broken his collar bone and punctured his lung in a bike racing accident).  But next week he moves yet again to another tent.  He’s been there (Iraq) a month now, so 5 more to go.  Love you all, SR”

“9/15/04  Subject: Ivan (this was written during the time period when the 4 hurricanes – Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne – hit Florida ) Well, it looks like we escaped this one.  Unfortunately it is going to make landfall (if it turns more to the north – which is what the forecasters expect it to do) in about 36 hours at Pensacola.  It still has a nw path, and we are hoping that it goes on to Texas.  It has gotten weaker but is still a category 3, and that may change again also.  It can go up or down.  After it is all over if we need to go to Pensacola and check on your house, we can.  Everyone from Key West up on the west coast of Florida was very concerned, but Ivan kept on a nw course.  Really tore up Jamaica.  New Orleans is bracing, and if it makes landfall there they expect flooding up to about 20 feet.  That will put the entire city under water.  It has been quite a summer.  More later and love to all, Milly, Mama, Grandma”

“9/15/04:  RE:  Ivan  We’ve been watching on tv here; they seem to have much more coverage on your storms than on ours.  Thankfully we don’t have any right now.   The kids are all having fun playing flag football.  Mr DL’s position is quarterback mainly, and he loves it when his passes are caught; when they aren’t he gets frustrated.  Jay is playing several positions, qb, receiver, and seems to like them all.  Lulu is playing center; she gets to hike the ball.  I think she likes it, but I think she would also like to receive some too.  They’ve only played a couple games each, so there’s still more season to play.  They are all 3 in scouts again – liking it very much.  I got Jay pushed up to pre-algebra at school as I found out a few other 7th graders had been this year.  He is making an A+ so far this year, so I requested he be pushed ahead also.  He started that class today; I may need to help catch him up; we’ll see how it goes.  I am also campaigning for him to be in the gifted program.  If I had not actually gone up to the school several times so far this year to talk to the counselor, he wouldn’t even be considered.  I just don’t get it.  He was 1 of only 2 straight A students last year, and he was voted by all his teachers to be the male student of the year.  Now if that doesn’t say a lot there, why do I need to go up there and beg for him to be tested?  I’ve got chores to do, so better be off.  Love, SR”

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Sports in Guam

Continued from my earlier post Welcome to Guam:  2002 (part 10).

“8/15/03:  We just got back from flag football skills assessment.  I found out from the director that he got a lot of “complaints” last year about my kids:  that they are TOO big!  Mr DL was probably the youngest player out there last year (he’s in the 5-7 year old group).  But his skill level is 5-7 year old.  So…it was funny to hear that.  I just think all the other kids are too small :).  (my kids were never on the growth charts, height or weight, when they were younger – they were always well over 100%.  Right now, my 16 year old son is 6’3″, my 14 year old daughter is 5’10”, and my 12 year old son is 5″9″, and they are all still growing!)  I went to a spinning class at the gym yesterday for the first time.  It is bike-riding on a stationary bike – with music and some additional aerobic activities put in with it.  My legs are spaghetti today (really sore spaghetti).  I thought since I run that I wouldn’t be this sore, but Oh My!!  The instructor is another wife in the squadron, and she is in sickeningly great shape.  She does the class everyday, but the MWF classes are the only that are during school hours, so I might start going to those.  If I don’t die this weekend first.  SR”

“2/26/04:  Dear Home, Mr DL had his first ever baseball game today, and he was so excited.  It was a blast to watch him play because he was so into it.  He wore his uniform all day  He made the only put-out in the game (scooping up a grounder and throwing the runner out at first and hit three triples which in all reality were home runs that the third base coach stopped).  It was a good time.  Today I was asked to go to Hong Kong with the Guam Rugby Club to another tournament.  I am still hurting from the last three games, but I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I will be able to say that I played rugby (although not well) at the international level.  Plus it gets me out of the office for a week into a cooler climate.  I am excited but am stocking up on Motrin and buying much needed pads and a helmet.  Hope all is well, G8r”

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Still Searching…

Motivation really never found me this week.  But I think it’s okay to have a break every once in a while.  I’ve actually had more of a social life this week than I have in the past 18 months we’ve lived here.  I went to my book club on Monday, last night I got invited to sub in a bunko group (haven’t played that since we left Guam), and tonight I go to a Tastefully Simple party.  I had never heard of this home-based business, but it sounds yummy.

Spring sports are starting, which will keep us all busy.  My oldest has his first lacrosse game this weekend, and my daughter starts softball practice…that is, if the weather cooperates.  I am looking forward to spring temperatures, one of these days.   We’ve been teased a bit this past week with warmer temperatures; the daffodils are even blooming.  But this weekend it will be back down in the 30’s and rainy. 

I have a weather page that pops up when I sign onto my e-mail each day.  It lists the tempertures of all the areas my family live in.  Florida, where we are moving to in June, is at the top of the list.  I know by the time we get there, it will be swelteringly hot, but right now, I would take it.  I can always escape into the A/C, but I can never seem to get warm enough here if it is cold outside.  Having single pane, wood-framed, non-insulated windows in our rental house here, does not help. 

I just need to get through this cold weekend and hope that warmer days are ahead…maybe then I will find some new motivations with a new season.

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Balancing Act

While we lived in Guam, our family saw a Chinese circus perform.  I didn’t expect a lot when we bought the tickets, mainly because Guam doesn’t usually attract the big names.  But after the first couple of acts, I was thoroughly impressed.  These were really great performers, balancing things and people on top of one another and in the most unlikely postions.  Their bodies twisted and turned in ways bodies are not meant to be twisted and turned. 

Yesterday, when I picked up my oldest son from cross country practice I asked him how his day was, a question I ask everyday.  He said it was fine right off the bat but then contracted it by saying that this year is a lot harder than he thought it would be (he’s a high school junior).  He’s gotten to the higher maths and sciences and in all honors classes on top of that.  And then, there’s a girlfriend in the mix as well.  He’s a good student, as evidenced by his honors level, but has to work for it.  Some kids can naturally absorb information and ace their tests; I always envied those kids in school.  I had to study as well.  But now I am glad I was/am that way.  I saw what it did to kids like that; they were so smart, they didn’t care about a lot of things because they didn’t have to work for them. 

Two weeks into school, my son is realizing summer vacation is over, and he can’t surf the internet or play games or talk to his girlfriend for hours on end each night.  He’s got to create a balance.  My husband and I feel lucky that he’s got a good work ethic.  He cares if he did poorly on an assignment, quiz, or test.  It seems to make him work harder.  I hope that he continues on that path.  I see his younger sister and brother on the same path as well.  I relate to my oldest son a lot; I am an oldest child of 3 as well.  Until I was an adult, I didn’t realize how much my sisters looked up to me, hopefully in a good way.  As much as they quarrel at times, I know that my younger two look up to their brother also.  My husband and I stress to him that the actions he takes are being carefully watched by them.  Sometimes, I know he doesn’t like that.  All the pressure is on him, and I know it doesn’t seem fair.  I have to remember that, since I was in his position (not too long ago). 

We all have a balancing act of some sort in life.  I have 3 children who each play a sport, each are in the band or chorus at school, 2 are in scouts, one is in braces, and then there’s always the occasional hiccup, like a husband who has hip surgery just as the sports season starts.

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