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Comings and Goings

We start packing out in 12 days; that’s less than 2 weeks.  Yesterday we loaded up our Sequoia because my husband needed to go back down to Florida to do the final walk-through inspection on our new house.  Water and electricity should be up and running before the weekend is over.  He’s also put in an application for a job, so he wanted to be there in person to check on that.  There are things the moving company will not pack and things we don’t want them to pack – too many broken or missing items in previous moves – so he took some of that down with him. 

So, another week alone with the kids.  They are not out of school til next Thursday, so I still have my days to myself to get ready for the move.  I’m also trying to keep a regular routine going with working out, blogging, etc., but I know that some of that will have to be put on a back burner for a couple of weeks while we are packing, cleaning, travelling, and unpacking.

The kids keep going back and forth on their feelings about moving.  In general, they are excited.  We are going to be closer to lots of family.  We aren’t going to move again (well, except down the street when our final house is built).  We’ll be in Florida, where they were all 3 born and my husband and I were raised.  They can go watch the UF Gators sports teams live just about anytime they want to. 

Last night, however, our oldest son started to back-track and say he isn’t looking forward to the move as much.  I think some of that has to do with his girl friend of a year and a half.  She is the first person he’s ever gone out with, and they’ve had each other’s friendship for the past 2 school years.  I can understand his feelings.  Our daughter and youngest son have made a few good friends but no best friends.  They are used to leaving friends behind and stay in touch with several through e-mail and Facebook now.  As with all of our moves, we try to make it as easy a transition as we can.  I know as they are getting older, that it is getting harder, though.  I am glad that this will be our last military move.  We really have been lucky to have been stationed in so many great places.  The things we’ve seen and experienced most people wish for.  But now it’s our time to pass the torch.  My husband officially retired Monday morning at 12:01 am.  We just happened to be up watching the women’s college softball world series, so I was able to congratulate him and give him a little retirement gift. 

I wasn’t there when he joined the military 27 years ago yesterday.  He served in the Army Reserves for 7 1/2 years during high school and college.  After graduating, he decided he wanted to fly for the military, and the Navy recruited him.  Lucky for me, the Army didn’t have any slots for commissioned aviator officers at the time, and he went to Pensacola for Navy flight school.  We met about a month after he arrived, and here we are today, 19 years later, with 3 wonderful children.  I am so proud of my husband;  of his 44 years, 27 1/2 have been serving his country.  He was also an Army brat his first 12, so most of his life all he’s known is the military.  Here’s to his (and our family’s) smooth adjustment to civilian life – or maybe I should be saying, “Watch out everyone; here we come!”


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Work and Play

We’ve been busy in Florida with our work and play.  Yesterday we signed papers for a new house – it will be a temporary one for us to live in while we are building.  It will be just around the corner from where we are building which I really like.  The kids will be in the area where we are going to end up living, and maybe it won’t feel so much like the big military moves we have been doing over the years when we move from one to the other.

Today the boys went fishing with my husband’s uncle – hopefully they don’t come back too sunburned but with something for dinner and smiles.  The girls are going into Gainesville to do some shopping 🙂  My mil is building a doll house for my 7 year old niece and needs to go searching for some parts.  She has lots of fun in her workshop.  Over the years she has built a canopy bed and doll house for my daughter, a cedar chest for me, dining room tables, etc.  And most of the wood comes off of the land here on the farm which makes it that much more special.

Tomorrow I am going to visit a really good friend from high school.  I haven’t seen her since our 10 year reunion ( a few (11) years ago).  She lives about 4 hours away, so we are going to meet half way and do some catching up.  Sunday I am driving back up to Virginia with the kids.  My husband is going to stay here to take care of some things for the houses.  We’re hoping to start with some of the permitting and other preliminaries on the house we are building, so that when we arrive in June things are already rolling.  That is the plan; we’ll see how it unfolds.

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Change Will Do You Good

Today, I decided I needed a change on my blog.  I really loved the simpleness of the other lay-out but have always wanted more than just the one column.  I am always envious of other bloggers’ cool looking sites, with all of the links and gadgets.  But I’m still such a newbie and haven’t caught on to all of  the neat extras yet.  Maybe one day, I will figure it all out.  In the meantime, I found this customizable header and will play around some more with it over the next few days. 

I also decided to jump back on the treadmill this morning after a two-week break.  Unfortunately, I added a  few of the pounds back on that I had worked so hard to get off over the past few months.  I just wasn’t in the mood to workout and needed the break.  But now, I need to get back on the horse.

I’ve also committed to drinking more water everyday.  I made that as one of my New Year’s resolutions but am hit or miss with it.  I was inspired yesterday when I visited my account on www.ExperienceProject.com and saw that they have added a new section called My Challenges.  They have a 14-day Drink More Water Challenge, and if you complete it, you will be entered to win 6 cases of Metromint Water (one of each flavor – Peppermint, Spearmint, Cherrymint, Lemonmint, Orangemint, and Chocolatemint) , a Metromint tote bag, and a Metromint t-shirt.  I’ve never heard of Metromint Water, so I’m going to have to check it out.  Whether I end up winning or not, though, I know that I am doing something good for my body.


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So, I am new to the blogging world.  I should have started journaling ages ago. Our family is the poster child for the motto “Join the military and see the world.”  I should have written about all of our travels; now I just have pictures and memories to rely on.  Maybe I will try to get things that I can remember down in words over the next few months; it would be a great account for my kids when they are older and especially for when they don’t remember places because they were too young.  We’ll have a new chapter to start next summer when my husband retires from the military, so that will bring new things our way.  I am always looking for new and better ways for all I do, so I’m thinking my opening the door to the blogging world might show me new ideas. 

Right now, though, our focus is on the new school year, and what it brings.  New classes, new teachers, new sports, new friends, new seasons, new bloggers…

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