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Guam, Sweet, Guam

Continued from my earlier post Welcome Home:  Guam 2002 (part 2).  These were e-mails to the family back in the States.

“12/12/02:  Hi, I just wanted to let you all know that we just survived a super typhoon here in Guam.  I know that Guam is not national news, so I thought I’d send out this quick e-mail.  Because we are out in the middle of the Pacific, the recovery period could take a long time.  This is supposed to have been the worst typhoon in a really long time.  We have no electricity and may not for 1 to 2 months.  But I think more things are up here at G8r’s office because they have military lines.  We have low water pressure and it may be contaminated, so we are drinking bottled water.  G8r and I sat at the gas station for a total of 8 1/2 hours to get 15 gallons of gas for our generator which may not last long.  We were the 5th to the last in line to get gas, and now the stations are all closed on the island to anyone except emergency vehicles.  We are not sure about the phone lines.  We keep hearing that it could be 2 years without phones (does that sound insane, or what?!), but then I just heard they may be back up.  So…Santa may also be late this year at our house.  We had some big presents in mind, so we were waiting a bit before getting those.  I wanted to send out an e-mail to you all if you don’t hear from us in a while.  I have boxes all ready to send out for Christmas, but there is not mail service right now, so they may be a bit.  Well, I should get off G8rs’computer now so he can get back to work.  I really miss you guys (and electricity right now).  But we are actually not doing too badly right now.  It’s one big camping trip – woo hoo!  Love you all! ~SR”

We ended up being without electricity for about 2 weeks, so it wasn’t too awful.  The military had strong back-up generators, so I went to my husband’s office a couple of times to check e-mail on his work computer.  We had a window air conditioning unit that we installed in the master bedroom, and the 5 of us slept in there a lot of nights.  The kids were very excited because Christmas break started early and ended up lasting a month. 

“12/31/02:  Well, we are on the count-down here.  Just a few more hours and it will be 2003.  I hope 2002 was good to each of you.  We had a new girl cousin join us early in the year.  I don’t think Lulu will ever forgive me for not trying for another girl to give her a little sister, but now she has A!  I got my dream of living in Coronado, California for a majority of the year. I also got to see my mom for the summer; that was such a wonderful, special treat!  Then in October we headed to this tropical island in the Pacific.  Little did we know what surprises this tiny place had in store for us.  But you know, I think it made all 5 of us appreciate things a little more too.  And we found we can do without all of the conveniences (well, maybe for just a little while) without going too wacky.  I am extremely grateful that we have each of you in our lives.  It would be so much nicer if we could just live a bit closer together.  Well, I guess that is a little bit our fault.  It’s been great seeing the world with the Navy, but we’ll be ready to settle down in a few years when G8r retires.  Travelling is wonderful, but it’s always great to go home.  I wanted to tell you I finally got to the post office today with your Christmas packages.  Just be on the lookout for them in the next couple of weeks.  I hope 2003 is good to each of you.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for us – I can always feel them.  Love, SR”


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Renew Thyself

I’m on my way out the door to have a post-birthday lunch with a good friend – for both of us – we share the same birthday. Check out my other blog today: http://sorose.blogspot.com/.

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Quietly Ringing in Another New Year

Already into day 3 of 2009, and I’m having fun just hanging out with the family.  The boys decided to go north to the snow Monday and came back on the 1st.  My daughter and I rang in the new year catching up on missed episodes of 24.  Since we were overseas so long, we missed a lot of series and found Netflix while we were in France.  We caught up on a few and are now able to watch them in real time on tv. But there are still others like 24 that we are still catching up on.

It was quiet around here for a few days, but my daughter and I enjoyed hanging out and doing girl stuff.  We went to an outlet mall one day – those are dangerous places!  We did get in our exercise for the day.  That’s one thing I haven’t done in a while.  It sure is easy to get out of the habit and get lazy.  I get up each day and think I need to start running again, but my body says, Oh, let’s just wait.  I know I need to, and I have set a date.  The kids go back to school Monday, and it will be the best day to make my new year’s day.  I also need to start eating better.  The holidays have brought lots and lots of chocolate my way, and anyone who knows me well knows I cannot say No to chocolate.  But I do say No to fruits and vegetables very easily.  I think I could live on bread, pasta, and chocolate. 

Well, that will all stop Monday.  I am going to post my resolutions on my bathroom mirror where I will see them every morning and night.  But for now, I have a couple more days to enjoy and relax with my family before real life begins once again.

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