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Heads or Tails

We are big game players in our family.  A friend brought the game Apples to Apples over last weekend, and we played it for 3 or 4 hours.  We liked it so much that we decided to buy it for ourselves and proceeded to play for another couple hours Friday night.  Sunday we discovered the variations of play in the directions and tried one.  I liked the twist that it gave to the game.  We have over 100 games in our game closet.  We sometimes get stuck in a rut and play the same game over and over but then get burned out on it.  So with all those to select from, we just go choose another one.  Sometimes, though, because there are so many choices, we can’t agree amongst the five of us which one to play.

I remember when the kids were younger I’d read in the parenting magazines that giving kids choices was a good thing, but not too many as there could be an overload – they shut down and can’t decide at all.  Even as adults, it can be too much:  daughter’s softball, sons’ football and cross country, sneek preview of a brand new movie… 

Friday was a lucky day around here.  My youngest came home from school and showed me a $10 gift card for Barnes & Noble.  Their class can enter a drawing each week with each book they read and take an AR (Accelerated Reader) test on; he entered 3 times last week.  His name got drawn for reading Green Eggs & Ham.  (After his teacher found out which book he had read, she asked him to read on grade level (he’s 11);  his next 2 entries were for grade level or higher books, thank goodness.)  When the mail arrived, four free advance screening passes to the movie The Express came with it.  Fed Ex came next with four free one-day passes to Busch Gardens.  I figure there’s nothing to lose by filling out my name and address on those little pieces of paper when I see them in the grocery store. 

The movie shows the night before it comes out in the theaters for the general public.  The only thing is, my sons have practices and my daughter has a game that night around the same time it shows.  Do I let them play hooky and take them along?  Do I let my husband deal with the sports dropping-offs and picking-ups and go to the movie alone?  Do I give them to my hubby and the boys (it is a football movie) and go be a cheerleader at my daughter’s game?  Or do I toss the free tickets to pay $9 a ticket later to see it or $4 when it comes out on dvd?

Decisions, decisions…


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Lazy, Busy Days

I’ve sat here at my computer the past two mornings thinking I’d like to type something, but I just couldn’t think of anything all that profound to say.  Not that my other blogs are necessarily profound, but I have enjoyed writing each.  Am I already having writer’s block?!  I could write about all the great places we’ve visited around the world, like Sweden or France or Australia (I wanna go back there!).  I could tell a story about the kids when they were younger in Japan or Guam.  Instead, I just feel like curling up with another book.

I’ve been on a reading kick lately.  It might be my sister-in-law’s fault.  I think she’s an addict.  She sent me a link to www.goodreads.com, and after finding out what the sight was all about, I immediately added all of the books from our bookshelf that I’ve read.  There are countless others that I have borrowed from friends or checked out at the library or are in storage in Florida, but I can’t remember all of them; and then there are those that I can’t even remember if I’ve read them to begin with…  I finished Twilight (the vampire book) yesterday.  I think I am a romantic sap.  I kept thinking, it’s a book about high schoolers.  How dorky is it that I am reading it?  I actually liked it; it’s one that I didn’t want to put down because I wanted to find out what happened next.  And now I am waiting for my oldest son to finish the next one (his girlfriend loves the series and talked him into reading them; I’m curious to see his view of them), so that I can find out what happens… next.

After finishing it, I moved on to a dvd I checked out at the library.  (No, I do not just sit around all day blogging and reading and watching tv and eating bon bons!)  Thursday is laundry day, and I usually fold (and there is a lot of folding to do here with a family of 5, all of whom change their clothing at least twice a day (ugh)) while catching up on Grey’s Anatomy or something.  Anyway, I watched The Jane Austin Book Club, which I found most entertaining, very funny and romantic.  It made me want to go out and read all of Jane Austin’s books.  I have never read any of them before, only watched a couple of the movies based on them.  When the characters discussed the books at their book club meetings in the movie, I was a little lost.  I usually enjoy the book more than the movie, so I think those will be my next reads.  So I’m off to the book store once again.  But first, I’ll do my Friday chores – woo hoo! – the bathrooms.

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