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Oh My!

What Mick Hubert, the Gator radio announcer, says during most games is what I was thinking this morning as my kids went off to school, once again decked out in orange and blue.  But this morning I should have taken a picture.  I think they went around the house finding anything they could with blue or orange on it.  The boys both left wearing gator pj pants that they received from their grandmother one year for Christmas (and which I don’t usually allow out of the house unless maybe if they are getting the newspaper). They topped them with gator t-shirts, jackets, socks, and my youngest even wore an orange and blue Santa style hat. 

It’s great to see them having fun with it all.  They have enjoyed getting to know the game of football better by playing it since our return to the States year before last.  And I’m glad that our gator team has had some good role-models, like Tim Tebow, for kids to look up to.  As we watched the game last night, we noticed several times when it seemed like players were intentionally trying to hurt others on the opposite team.  It’s sad that people feel they need to do that in order to win. 

I am a huge rule-follower, to the point where it drives my husband crazy when we are playing a game and can’t remember a rule.  I will drag the rule sheet out of any board game or even go to the internet if we can’t find the rules in order to play the game the way it is meant to be played.  I feel that rules are in place for a reason.  Sometimes they may need to be changed if they don’t work, but in general, if you follow the rules, I feel that the game (or any situation) makes more sense and flows right.  When people cheat or don’t follow the rules, it slows the momentum and can get frustrating.

The boys each have an event tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see my youngest in his first basketball game in several years.  He’s tall for his age (5’8″ at age 11), so sometimes I think he gets a lot of pressure on him from others who think he should be the next Michael Jordan.  I try tell the kids to just have fun when they’re out on the field, but they see how serious it all can be, especially on tv.  But in the end, I think if they feel like they’ve given their 110% and that their teammates are doing the same, even if they don’t win, they are enjoying the games.


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Ay Oh, Let’s Go!

The kids left for school this morning decked out in orange and blue.  They don’t care that the colors here are very similar to that other Florida school.  They proudly wear their Gator colors everywhere they go.  We are anxiously awaiting tonight’s game.  It should be a great match up between last year’s Heisman winner and this year’s. 

We are a big sports family.  My oldest son’s first word was “ball” probably due to the fact that my husband started tossing  a ball around with him as soon he was able to hold one.  He started his first league sport (t-ball) when he was 4 and has continually played some sport each season since.  My other two fell right in behind him when they turned 4 as well.  As much as I like watching college football and professional baseball, I love watching my kids play more than anything.  My oldest is steadily improving his times in swimming, and my youngest has his first basketball game this Saturday.  My daughter is waiting for softball season to begin again in a couple of months, so for now she will be on the sidelines with her dad and me. 

I sometimes miss playing a sport; I enjoyed basketball, softball, volleyball, and soccer as a kid.   But they weren’t as organized then and, in my small high school, were a bit limited.  I started running on the high school track team my senior year and have enjoyed keeping that up as much as possible over the years since.  I like it because it’s an individual sport.  No one has to rely on me, and I can do it whenever and wherever I like.  The downside is I have to drag my own behind out the door or to the treadmill; no one’s calling me to say that it’s time for practice.  And if I don’t get off of this computer and get my shoes on now, I won’t get in my run for today.

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Orange! Blue!

After our marathon drive Saturday, the 10 of us quickly donned our costumes to trip through a maze of scary scarecrows, aliens, and people hiding in unobvious places with the other 100 invitees.  My family quickly dissipated; a couple of them were used on the path to do the scaring, and the others found someone else to walk the path with.  So I cautiously stumbled through with a cousin-in-law and her family, and we giggled most of the way.  Most of the time I was scanning the barely lit path for the “monsters”  who were trying (successfully) to scare most of us.  I have to say, those that live on the farm (who we are joining next summer when we move here) did an AWESOME job of creating the spooky path. 

Sunday, we recovered from our 12-hour drive and wandered around the farm, feeding cows and checking out the different fields.  Some of us played cards and caught up with family members we don’t see very often.  Our friends’ youngest daughter and my niece (daughter of www.ouisaforpresident.blogspot.com) became BFF’s at first sight; both will turn 7 in January.  Even though neither spoke a shared language, they just knew how to communicate and played for hours together.

American/Swedish BFFs

American/Swedish BFFs

 Monday, we decided to show our guests something that you can’t see many other places than in Florida.  We took them to Alligator Farm to educate them on the differences between alligators and crocodiles.  We got to see all 20-something species of crocodilians.  The kids even got to hold a baby alligator and a boa constrictor for a few minutes.  Then we took them to St. Augustine to show them the oldest continuously settled city in the US.  We walked on the beach and played in the water for a little while, then saw the fort from the outside (we got there at closing time), and walked along a beautiful street and window-shopped.  On the way back home, we stopped at Sonny’s BBQ to eat some good American food for dinner.

Tuesday, we hung out in front of the tv watching the election results.  It was interesting to talk about the differences between the US and Swedish governments . 

Today, as I write, I am watching my youngest play Monopoly (his favorite game) with our friends’ oldest.  My son picked a Chance card which says he must pay everyone $50, but he only has $20.  He is 4 spaces from GO and says he’ll pay her when he gets his $200, but she isn’t buying it.  She wants a property.  I tell him he should give her his best puppy dog eyes, and maybe she will give in.  He tries and she laughs.  All is good until he takes his next turn.  He is such a wheeler deeler.  I keep hearing, “I’ll give you this for that.”  Yes, No, YES, NO!  I need to move.

But now the game must end, as we are off to Gainesville to buy Florida Gator t-shirts at the mall.  Yes, we convinced them that orange and blue are the best colors, and they are very proud to go back to Sweden wearing them!

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Bye Bye Now

Bling!  Bling!

Ow.  Ow. 

“Oh my gosh, my cheeks are killing me.  I can’t keep smiling like this anymore.  I am exhausted.  I need a break.  A little break?  Okay.  Whew!” (Barbie from Toy Story 2  =)

I spent the weekend with my sister at a women’s expo in Utah in a 10×10 booth surrounded by her Sashay wares.  I did my very best with smiling and selling and modeling and handing out catalogs and …  I think I earned my keep for the weekend, and I liked seeing my sister in action.  She was in her element. 

I, however, was in … a … different element.  My body never knew what time it was, and then we were inside a windowless convention center from sun-up to sun-down for two days.  But I had a great time hanging out and catching up and at the end seeing my nephews for a few hours.  It’s been 3 years, and it took them a while to remember which aunt I was (I am the oldest of three sisters).  But after all of about 5 minutes, I was a member of the family.

I’m going on another trip in a couple of days, but with the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle … and more.  Our Swedish friends arrive tomorrow, and I am cleaning, decorating, shopping, packing, etc. for their arrival.  I am so excited; I just hope I don’t pass out from exhaustion when they arrive.  I usually just have to clean with company coming.  This time our friends are staying with us a couple of nights, so I am planning menus while decorating for Halloween at the same time.  But not too much because we leave the morning after trick-or-treating.  The 10 of us are getting on the road bright and early for a 13-hour road trip to the Sunshine State. 

Fun!  Fun!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Gat-o-ween

Happy Gat-o-ween

Glowing Gat-o-ween

Glowing Gat-o-ween


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The Swamp

Everything in our house stops on Saturday afternoons when college football comes on.  If one of our kids just happens to have an event of some kind at the same time that the Florida Gators are playing, then the dvr is cranked up.  It is scheduled to record any UF game that is broadcast anyway so that my husband can replay or fast-forward at the needed times.  If he hasn’t seen any of the game yet because we are out at one of the kids’ sporting events, Lord help the person who starts telling him the score.

My kids got a real treat last weekend by going to their first football game in the Swamp.  Sometimes the noise can be so loud in there that you can barely hear the person right next to you.  It is awesome.  My mother-in-law has season tickets each year.  I can tell when she’s been to a game when I call to talk to her and she sounds like she’s got laryngitis.  My husband and I both grew up in Florida and attended UF.  And a lot of family members went there as well.  My great grandfather was one of the first graduates at the school of dentistry there, and my husband’s grandfather graduated from and then was the dean of the college of journalism in the 70’s.  So we can’t help it; we’ve got orange and blue blood.

This weekend we don’t have to worry about any kid events interfering with UF football.  Hanna has been dumping her rain on us, and it is a night game as well.  So we will all be glued to the tube tonight while my husband occasionally yells at it. 

When the military has taken us overseas, we have missed watching a lot of games.  We would get an occasional game if we had access to the Armed Forces Network, but they were often delayed, or if shown in real time, it was in the middle of the night for us.  We lived in Europe when the Gators played in the BCS National Championship game a couple of years ago.  It was the wee hours of the morning local time when the game was being played.  My husband found the game on a radio station through the computer, and he plugged in a pair of headphones so that he wouldn’t disturb the rest of the family while we slept.  Even though I couldn’t hear the game, I woke up to him jumping up and down and cheering in our 3rd floor apartment.

Go Gators!

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