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Comings and Goings

We start packing out in 12 days; that’s less than 2 weeks.  Yesterday we loaded up our Sequoia because my husband needed to go back down to Florida to do the final walk-through inspection on our new house.  Water and electricity should be up and running before the weekend is over.  He’s also put in an application for a job, so he wanted to be there in person to check on that.  There are things the moving company will not pack and things we don’t want them to pack – too many broken or missing items in previous moves – so he took some of that down with him. 

So, another week alone with the kids.  They are not out of school til next Thursday, so I still have my days to myself to get ready for the move.  I’m also trying to keep a regular routine going with working out, blogging, etc., but I know that some of that will have to be put on a back burner for a couple of weeks while we are packing, cleaning, travelling, and unpacking.

The kids keep going back and forth on their feelings about moving.  In general, they are excited.  We are going to be closer to lots of family.  We aren’t going to move again (well, except down the street when our final house is built).  We’ll be in Florida, where they were all 3 born and my husband and I were raised.  They can go watch the UF Gators sports teams live just about anytime they want to. 

Last night, however, our oldest son started to back-track and say he isn’t looking forward to the move as much.  I think some of that has to do with his girl friend of a year and a half.  She is the first person he’s ever gone out with, and they’ve had each other’s friendship for the past 2 school years.  I can understand his feelings.  Our daughter and youngest son have made a few good friends but no best friends.  They are used to leaving friends behind and stay in touch with several through e-mail and Facebook now.  As with all of our moves, we try to make it as easy a transition as we can.  I know as they are getting older, that it is getting harder, though.  I am glad that this will be our last military move.  We really have been lucky to have been stationed in so many great places.  The things we’ve seen and experienced most people wish for.  But now it’s our time to pass the torch.  My husband officially retired Monday morning at 12:01 am.  We just happened to be up watching the women’s college softball world series, so I was able to congratulate him and give him a little retirement gift. 

I wasn’t there when he joined the military 27 years ago yesterday.  He served in the Army Reserves for 7 1/2 years during high school and college.  After graduating, he decided he wanted to fly for the military, and the Navy recruited him.  Lucky for me, the Army didn’t have any slots for commissioned aviator officers at the time, and he went to Pensacola for Navy flight school.  We met about a month after he arrived, and here we are today, 19 years later, with 3 wonderful children.  I am so proud of my husband;  of his 44 years, 27 1/2 have been serving his country.  He was also an Army brat his first 12, so most of his life all he’s known is the military.  Here’s to his (and our family’s) smooth adjustment to civilian life – or maybe I should be saying, “Watch out everyone; here we come!”


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Six Things

I got tagged this weekend by my SIL “Ouisa” at  http://ouisaforpresident.blogspot.com/ to list 6 things that make me happy.  Only six?  It is funny that she mentions that her husband would “probably tell you that nothing makes me happy.”  It makes me stop and think about myself a bit.  I have so many things to be happy about, and I am.  But it probably doesn’t show much.  I am often somewhat quiet and reserved.  Except maybe with my children and husband.  I can show them what’s wrong more often than what’s right.  I know that I need to work on that.

(Only) Six things that make me happy:

1.  Spending time with my family and friends

2.  The sound of children’s laughter

3.  Surprises (planning them and receiving them)

4.  Being in Florida (preferably on the beach)

5.  Visiting new places

6.  Chocolate (did you think this wouldn’t be here?!)

Now I am supposed to tag six other bloggers to do the same, but since I am still somewhat of a newbie and as I said, reserved, my blog-o-sphere is pretty small.  So for now I am going to use this as a personal reminder that I need to try to show those around me more often that I am happy and that they are a huge part of it.

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When any of my children have a birthday, I want the day to be special for them.  I always make the cake; sometimes I’ve spent hours in the kitchen with food coloring and icing bags and end up with red- and blue- and black-stained fingers.  I’ve made Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, Batman, Strawberry Shortcake, Blue (from Blue’s Clues), and many others.  Sometimes, I let the kids help me mix the cake ingredients and then just use the Betty Crocker premade icing to slather the cake with when it’s done baking.  For my oldest son’s birthday this past year, we created a scavenger hunt to his birthday present.  It was a surf board, and it was so big, it was impossible to wrap and say, “Guess what we got you?”! 

This week is my daughter’s birthday.  She is our only girl, so it’s fun for me to do the girly present shopping this time each year.  Her birthday is always right after school starts, and it gives her a nice way to get together with friends she hasn’t seen since the end of the previous school year.  With a lot of our military moves in the summer, however, she sometimes feels she gets the short end of the stick with birthday parties because she often hasn’t had enough time to make many friends when her birthday rolls around. 

When I was a kid, I don’t think it was as big a deal to have friends over for a birthday.  Most of mine were spent with my family.  Today, I think some people go overboard with the parties for their kids, spending hundreds of dollars.  And then there’s a goodie bag that each child must have to go home with.  I thought the whole point was that the birthday child got presents.  Don’t get me wrong; I follow the lead and have a creative bag made up with each invitee in mind.

This year, my daughter wants to have a luau themed party.  Even though it’s not summer, per se, it’s still pretty warm outside, and it’s what she wants.  I want the day to be special for her.  Next summer we are moving again; it should be our last one.  But she will still have to contend with the fact that she won’t have made many friends before her birthday, once again.  So bring on the blue and purple and green food colors!

Hau`oli Lā Hānau!

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