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Welcome to “Florida” Fall

Well, we had a bit of a change in temperature when fall officially hit last week – 50-degree temps in the morning.  It was a wee bit chilly for this southern girl, and I had to put on a sweater to go out at 7:30 in the morning to feed the animals and get the newspaper.  But by mid-day, it was back up in the 80’s! … Welcome to “Florida” Fall!

We have been non-stop since school started.  The oldest started practicing with the football team just about the time our feet hit the ground when moving here in July.  He lasted through the first 4 games of the season with less than 10 plays total among the games.  Since he didn’t grow up here and was instead being moved around the world with a military father, he is not as well-known here and hasn’t been playing with these kids here, so …  He is a senior and does not need to be standing on the sidelines as there is no “Next year” as the coaches seem to use as the typical excuse when asked by a parent whose kid just stands during lots of games.  So, he switched to cross country and is loving it especially since he is in every play 🙂  He’s trying to better his 5k time from Virginia last year and is getting very close.

Our daughter was recruited by the volleyball team and is playing her first year on the JV team.  She has learned a lot, as have I – the rules have changed a lot since I was in school – and has improved in the short time she’s been on the team.  Her height has been a big factor in some success; but it’s her confidence that is always good to see after being confused at times in the beginning.

The youngest finally got the football position he has always wanted – quarterback.  He’s got such a strong arm, however, that his middle school teammates can’t always catch his passes.  So he’s having to learn to adjust some.  We’ve got one month left with the fall sports season, and then we get to find out what they’ll want to do in the winter.

I am feeling a bit more settled especially since all the boxes IN the house have been unpacked, but then we still have a corner in our garage (covering about 1/4 of the floor) stacked with boxes that I haven’t even looked in.  So that is my next project.  I hope that my master bathroom towels are in there; we’re using guest towels, but I miss the ones that match our ensemble.  Not that my husband could give a hoo-ha, but I am one of those OCD (CDO) people that like certain things in their places. 

This weekend is a rare one – and that is why I am finding time to blog – in that none of the kids had a game yesterday or today, and no one HAS to be anywhere in particular.  I am loving it!  But I am thinking of all the things I didn’t get completed last week – making an appointment with the vet (the dog needs some shots, a couple of weeks ago), calling the eye doctor for my youngest who is saying he can’t see the board in some class rooms (ugh!), balancing the checkbook (6 months in arrears – I’ve never been that far behind!), etc.  But for now, I will breathe and watch some college football and enjoy my family on this wonderful Florida Fall day!


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Fall is in the Air

I think it’s officially fall here in Virginia.  It seems like on October 1, the temperatures dropped 15 degrees over night.  I’m not used to the cooler temperatures this soon.  I remember when we lived in Florida, it was in the 80’s until October 31, the (my) official mark of autumn there.  Last night, I actually grabbed another blanket after I got in bed.  I’m going to have to change the thermostat from a/c to heat.  I don’t love the cold – at all!  My fingers and toes can be cold even in the middle of summer.  But I do love the fact that Halloween will be here soon. 

When I started seeing Halloween items in the store in August, I didn’t like that.  And now there’s Christmas stuff out there.  I like to enjoy one holiday or season at a time, before I start seeing decorations for the next in the stores.  They started putting Halloween candy in our military grocery stores a month ago.  And it’s right at the front door when you walk in!  If I start buying that stuff now, it won’t last until Halloween!  Are they insane?  No, I guess that means more sales for them.  But I resist the temptation each week I do my shopping.  I am so proud of myself. 

But, now that it’s October, it is finally time.  I am going to pull all of my Halloween boxes down from the attic this weekend.  I love Halloween.  I love to make costumes and then help the kids dress up and put on make-up.  I love the excitement that’s in the air.  And this year, it’s on a Friday!  Oh, the parties that will abound.  We are going to be here in Virginia for Halloween night.  Our Swedish friends arrive a few days before, and we are going to show them American trick-or treating.  Two years ago, when we lived in France, we spent a two-week school break around Halloween with them in a large house in the country in southwest France in an area called Dordogne.  It was beautiful!  Since the French don’t trick-or-treat, we decided to do a scavenger hunt for the candy.  The kids all dressed up in costumes and searched the large yard with clues in English, French, or Swedish.  It was my husband’s idea so that they would have to help each other.  They had a ball.

The couple, who speak English better than some Americans do, is around my husband’s and my ages, but their oldest child is the same age as our youngest.  It has not, however, affected the great friendship that we have formed, even the children.  They share French as their spoken language, but I think there is a children’s language used there also.  They have a lot of fun together.   

The day after Halloween is when the big party takes place down on the farm in Florida (where my husband’s family lives).  I have heard about some of the Halloween parties held there when he was a child, so I am expecting big things.  We are still debating on what costumes to wear to the party.  We’ve thrown around a few more ideas, but nothing’s lighting any fires still.

For now, we’ll just put away the flip flops and shorts (boo hoo!) and start thinking about carving pumpkins and making pies (pumpkin and apple and pecan…yum yum!) and snuggling up with a blanket and a good book.

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