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Begin Again Again

Well, we got through all the closets and dressers in the house this past weekend, but now there is a mountain of clothes in the hallway that my kids have to climb over to get to their rooms.  Today, I guess I should clear the road, but I have discovered a new website and am getting sucked into it:  www.SparkPeople.com.  I am having a hard time with those pesky last 10 pounds.  After breaking my collar bone about a month before we left Guam (that was 4 years ago this month!), I had to pause my workouts.  Then we started a whole new routine with our next military post (as I will write about with our Paris experiences).  So I gained close to 20 pounds in about 2 years.  I have lost about 10 of them again since we’ve been back in the States and am determined to get rid of those last 10 and maybe a little more.  Basically, I just want to be in good shape – whatever weight that ends up being is fine.

Next project is going through the garage.  Maybe I’ll start on that one tomorrow…



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Cleaning House

I wrapped up our Experiences in Guam posts yesterday and have them all posted to that page now.  Soon I will start on our Experiences in Paris.  Since I don’t have copies of e-mails from that tour, I will have to wrack my brain before I can post anything.  Thankfully, it was our most recent move, so hopefully my brain won’t let me down too much.  I’m thinking about posting some pictures from our many adventures as well when I get the chance. 

My husband went to Florida yesterday to get our (temporary) new house ready for when we move in June…31 days ’til pack-out…  He’ll be gone for 2 weeks; he’s also got a military conference in Jacksonville he’s got to attend and a couple of job interviews.  While he’s working down there, I am planning a total clean-up and purging of our house here.  It is amazing how much stuff can accumulate in less than 2 years!  If the computer or I get buried in the process of cleaning and I can’t update my blog anytime soon, click on the tabs above if you missed reading about our first 2 overseas adventures in Japan and Guam.  When you’re done with that, click here for my other blog www.sorose.blogspot.com.  After that, I guess you’re on your own.  Have a great weekend!


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All is Bright

I thought I’d be sore this morning after getting back on the treadmill yesterday.  Not so much, though I am tired.  After my walk/run, I started taking down the Christmas decorations in the house.  Up and down the stairs and in and out of the attic, that was my workout.  By the time everyone got home, I was pooped.  My husband was  sad to see that Christmas is officially over when he walked in and the tree was gone.  Today I had planned to take down the lights outside, but Mother Nature decided to cry on us and give me a horrid sinus headache, so the lights and the white spiral tree and the 3-foot tall candy canes will remain outside for one more day.  I guess the family could sit on the front porch this evening if they want to take in the bright lights one last time this season.

My husband just called from work and said we need to schedule our final military packout.  Just over five months now.  I began getting ready for that over the holiday break by tackling closets throughout the house and discovered we need to have a huge yard sale in the spring.  The closets look good now, but the stuff that didn’t go back in them is still sitting outside their doors.  So, while the Christmas decorations wait, I’ll guess I’ll work on packing up those things today. 

But first – the treadmill.

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