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Over the Hill

That’s what the balloons said at my surprise birthday party almost 2 months ago.  I celebrated the big FOUR – O.  I don’t really feel any differently now that my age begins with a 4 instead of a 3, but there’s something about that zero at the end that does something.   Why is it cool when you finally reach double digits at 10 and then awesome when you reach 20?  But 30 and 40 have been different for some reason.  And it’s not that 40 sounds that old, but…

1. My oldest son graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago and turned 18.

2. My youngest son just turned 13 (three teenagers – that may put me in my grave faster than turning 40 ;).

3. My daughter (in the middle) is getting asked out on dates.

4. My husband is talking about playing with “our grandchildren” one day in our new front yard – that better be a very, very long time from now!

5. My legs start hurting when I sit on the floor too long.

6. My back hurts if I sit or stand too long.

7. The baby pooch came back 5 years ago and won’t go away.

8. I can’t stay awake past 11 pm much anymore.

9. Drinking caffeine too late keeps me awake at night (it never did until a few years ago).

10.  A few gray hairs have started showing their ugly selves.

11. I have a hot flash every once in a while.

12. I hate the wrinkles that are slowly appearing on my face.

13. And the sagging skin on my neck and other places.

14. And the age spots.

15. My shop-til-you-drop end time comes sooner than it used to.

16. My failing memory is getting worse and worse.

17. There are a lot more creaks and cracks when I sit down and stand up.

18. Fried foods kill my insides more than before.

19. I don’t get carded when I buy alcohol  – well, I never really did in my 20’s either.

20.  Bingo sounds fun!

Wow, this list is starting to make me feel old!  But at least…

21. I still have my eyesight (well, I cheated a few years back and had laser surgery – but I don’t need reading glasses…yet).

22. I can still hear the dogs barking down the street in the middle of the night, so no hearing aids needed yet either.

 23. I’ve been asked if my children are my siblings (I always love those people!) – it also helps that they are all taller than me!

24. I can still run – without it hurting too much.

25. I don’t have to ask my kids about the latest electronic gadget or website because I usually know before them.

26. My kids think I’m cool!

27. My kids’ friends think I’m cool.

28. My hubby still thinks I’m hot 🙂

29. Someone was surprised last week when I said I was 40.

30. If I don’t look too closely in the mirror, I sometimes feel like I’m in my 20’s or 30’s, depending on the day.

31. My kids like to hang out with me.

32. I have friends who are planning marriages for their kids – I hope that’s a bit farther into the future.

33. I have friends who are grandparents – I can wait a bit longer for that too.

34. I can get down on the ground – and back up (even with the creaking and cracking!)

35. I can still dance.

36. And party (as evidenced on my birthday cruise!) – but I wouldn’t want to do it every weekend!

37. My mind still seems to be pretty sharp – at least in my mind.

38. I’m not quite middle aged (life expectancy for an American woman is about 80.7 years).

39. I am healthy.

40. And I have a wonderful family who doesn’t care how old I am 😉


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We Just Can’t Sit Still

I know it’s been quite a while since I last blogged, but we have been super busy!  We ( 2 kids and I) left Virginia on June 20th for the 12 hour drive south to our new home in Florida.  My husband and oldest son stayed behind for him to have surgery on the 24th, and then they drove down.  We have been surrounded by boxes and packing paper since.  Last Tuesday, we had to take a break (oh darn!) because my hubby had a follow-up for his surgery back up in Virginia, and our daughter had an appointment to have her wisdom teeth out there as well.  We already had a doctor lined up and since my husband had to go back anyway, we decided to make a little adventure out of it all.  We drove up to Montreal the day after her surgery.  She had some good drugs in her, so she doesn’t remember a lot of that first day.  My husband got his French fix and added more to our library of books and movies.  He got to sit around and shoot the breeze in French and in English with people visiting from all over the globe, and I got a break from unpacking and hung out and watched tv and shopped with my daughter.

Early yesterday morning, we left Montreal and started heading back to Florida.  We took a 30-minute pit stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and bought a big bag full of chocolate stuff.  I have always wanted to go there, and when I saw signs along the side of the road that we were close by, I told my husband it was a great time to get out and stretch!  This afternoon, we arrived back in my hometown of Pensacola – kind of another little pit stop on the way home.  I’m here to help my little sister celebrate her 35th birthday 🙂  We’ll hang out with her here for a couple of days and then make our way back to real life 5 hours east. 

I’m going to try to ease back into the blogging world, I hope.  There are still lots of things going on in our real world when we get back, unpacking and job hunting are the highest on a long list.  I have really enjoyed journaling some about our lives and hope I can continue.


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Before Heading Back to Guam

Continued from my earlier post Welcome to Guam:  2002 (part 9).

“7/11/03 (e-mail to G8r from his mother):  Mr DL is so funny.  He has made a tie rack for your daddy for his birthday.  He is so proud of it.  He has it in a box and keeps moving it around the house so your daddy will not find it, and then he asks your daddy if he is going to go in the particular room that he has it hidden in.  He left the box in the family room the other day, and he saw your daddy walk in the room.  He saw the box and sauntered over to it so as not to attract attention to himselft, closed it, and started whistling and looking around the room as he carried it out and into another room.  It was hilarious.  SR and I saw him and tried not to laugh.  He did not know that we saw him.  He is dying to tell your daddy about it.  He may last until Monday!!!!  Love you, Mama”

Mr DL (our youngest) was 6 at this time.

“7/11/03:  That is so funny, but it is Mr DL.  He is such a neat kid.  I wish I were there to see him.  I know that they are having a wonderful time in Florida.  I wish that they could stay longer.  This last month has been challenging but the det as a whole is very strong and I like to think that I have done things right.  It was nice talking to you on the phone today.  Love, G8r”

“7/14/03:  We finally got to go fishing on Saturday.  It started out very nice and cool.  We left the house at 6:30 am and arrived at the marina around 8:00.  We started out at “Spotty Bottom” and caught fish immediately (shark and catfish).  The action was furious then your daddy looked south and saw a (big!) water spout on the horizon.  We could not tell which direction it was moving but later figured that we were about 5 miles north of it and it was moving NNW.  We dashed back to the river and stayed there for about an hour then went to the restaurant for lunch.  After lunch it was clear, so we went back out.   All of the kids got to drive the boat and they really enjoyed that.  We caught more sharks, stingrays, and one sailor’s choice (which we all tasted for lunch the next day).  All in all a very successful day.  Today we are baking a cake for your daddy’s birthday.  Love you, Mama”

“7/16/03:  Well, we just got home from the airport.  Man it is quiet around here!  They took off at 7:45 am and will be in California around 3 pm EDT.  I hope they got to do all the things that they wanted to do.  I know we certainly enjoyed the time they were here.  One last thing we did before they left:  We loaded the dogs in the back of the truck and let Jay drive around to the peanut field.  He was grinning from ear to ear when your daddy handed him the keys.  More later.  Love you, Mama       P.S. He also got to drive a tractor with James riding along.  I know he enjoyed that also.”

Jay had turned 13 just before we arrived in Florida.

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Renew Thyself

I’m on my way out the door to have a post-birthday lunch with a good friend – for both of us – we share the same birthday. Check out my other blog today: http://sorose.blogspot.com/.

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Thirty-9 Things About Me

1. I have 2 parents whom I know love me very much.

2. I have 2 younger sisters that I adore.

3. I have a wonderful husband who will do anything to make me happy.

4. I have 3 beautiful children that I would do anything in the universe for.

5. I am 1/4 Czech, 1/4 French, and 1/2 English (with a touch of Scottish).

6. I got to visit all of the places my ancestors are from when we lived in France 2 years ago.

7. Paris was a trés chic place to live for 18 months, but I confirmed my belief that I am not a big city girl.

8. I started this blog last year so that our family and friends who don’t live nearby can keep up with us a little better; I wish I had started it years ago, especially when we lived overseas (I’m so glad I have those old e-mails to reminisce – I’m going to post about Guam next).

9. I loved living in Guam.

10. I wanted to be a teacher when I was a little girl, and I got the opportunity to teach while stationed overseas at DoDEA (military base) schools in Japan and Guam.

11. As much as I liked teaching, I know I am better in an office setting.

12. The Army tried to recruit me 20 years ago while I was in college; I took the ASVAB (not knowing what it was), and the recruiters wanted to send me to DLI (Defense Language Institute) in Monterey, CA after my scores came back.

13. I attended DLI 4 years ago with my husband and am now fluent in French.

14. I took Spanish in high school and have been trying to re-learn it over the past couple of years – I’m finding it’s hard to do on my own.

15. I have permanently changed addresses 17 times; 3 times were outside the US (#18 comes in 9 weeks).

16. I have visited 49 of the 50 States; Alaska is my last one.

17. I tear up every time I hear the National Anthem.

18. I would love to parachute from an airplane one day.

19. I love to play games – board games, cards, word puzzles – just about anything.

20. I am a rule-stickler; I will pull out the rules sheet in the middle of any game if there is any question about whether the game is being played correctly.

21. I love playing games on the Wii with my family.

22. I want to attempt a 1/2 marathon race one day (and maybe a marathon, but we’ll see after the 1/2)…that is if my knee will cooperate. 

23. I think my husband and I would make a great team on The Amazing Race.

24. My sisters and I had a 17 hands high Appaloosa named Sgt. Tommy when we were kids.

25. I became a certified SCUBA diver when I was in high school.

26. I don’t like coffee or tea; as good as some of them smell, they taste like (flavored) dirt to me.

27. I have watched people hurl in Ireland (it’s a sport).

28. I am a chocoholic, and I hide chocolate around my house so that my kids won’t eat it all. 

29. I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans when I was pregnant with my first child; not a good idea.

30. I went to Mardi Gras in Venice, Italy with a friend and our kids a couple of years ago; it was awesome.

31. My husband and I are in the process of designing our dream house and hope to start building it before the end of this year (address change #19).

32. Did I mention that I like love chocolate?

33. I love sitting on the beach at sunrise or sunset and listening to the waves roll back and forth.

34. I have never smoked a cigarette.

35. I enjoy watching sports – especially anything my kids are playing.

36. I hate cold weather.

37. I have a goal to be in better shape and lose a few pounds before we move in 9 weeks; my youngest son gave me 6 candy bars for my birthday this morning, and I just found a cake and ice cream in the freezer.  Big workout tomorrow!

38. My middle name is Rose, and I was born and raised in the South, hence the name Southern Rose.

39. I start my 40th year of life today.


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This and That

I am ex-wah-sted!  I ran errands all day long and am still running kids around for their doings.  Well, right now I am taking a break between drop-offs and pick-ups, checking e-mails, etc.  My hip and knee are a little sore from the walking around, but I hope the stretches are helping.  One suggestion I found for the IT band problem is to roll on my side from my hip to my knee on a foam roller to “break up scar tissue.”  I looked at the stores I went to today, but the closest thing I could find was a pool noodle.  I’m not sure that it would work because it is hollow down the center.  I probably need to look at a sporting good store.

My youngest has been asking me to make a list of what I want for my birthday.  My husband made one for himself for Christmas – about a month ahead – and ended up buying half of the things on it – before Christams.  His birthday is 3 weeks after mine, and he already has a list of what he wants on the refrigerator.  I think he’s already bought one item.  Makes me wonder if the list thing is a good idea.  But I went ahead and made a list today while I was shopping; I wrote down a few things and created a “Mommy’s Wants and Wishes” list.  My little one said, “Does it only have chocolate on it?” when I handed it to him.  He knows me too well.  But I added the foam roller and a couple of other things just to make him happy.  I will try to be patient and wait to buy what I don’t get after my birthday – maybe with all of the birthday $$$ I get 🙂

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Bawling, Basketball, and Birthdays in Japan

Continued from my earlier post Our First Overseas Adventure:  Japan 2000 (part 4). 

“3/9/00  Milly*, Lulu asked me today when you are coming.  I told her August and she asked if that was soon.  G8r is in Okinawa for a couple of days.  He called and left a message on our machine when I was volunteering at Lulu’s class.  When I played it the kids heard it, and Lulu started bawling…I want my Daddy.  She is so sensitive; I am starting to dread the teenage years already.  Bye, SR”

“3/25/00 (e-mail to Milly)  I was just going to e-mail you about the (UF basketball) game when I got your message.  We saw the last 5 minutes of the game here.  Jay was going bezerk – yelling all over the house.  Kinda like G8r…except when they were down he would say, ‘It doesn’t matter; it’s just a game.’  And I said they were playing in a tournament, then he really got into it.  He was so excited when they won.  We had Mr. DL’s birthday party today.  He had a really good time.  I made him a train cake and he got several train things, all which he loved.  On his way to bed and as he drifted off, he kept say, ‘Tet you take; tet you choo choo, Momma.’ (thank you for the cake and train.)  It was so cute.  G8r got to call from the ship 2 times yesterday.  It was neat; Lulu started bawling again after she hung up with him.  He is so business-like when he is on cruise, though, even in his e-mails, unless it’s about baseball 🙂  Love, SR”

Lulu is now 14 and a wonderful teenage girl.  I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, wonderful daughter.  What was  I worried about?  She was just missing her Daddy!

  • Milly=my wonderful mother-in-law

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