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Bawling, Basketball, and Birthdays in Japan

Continued from my earlier post Our First Overseas Adventure:  Japan 2000 (part 4). 

“3/9/00  Milly*, Lulu asked me today when you are coming.  I told her August and she asked if that was soon.  G8r is in Okinawa for a couple of days.  He called and left a message on our machine when I was volunteering at Lulu’s class.  When I played it the kids heard it, and Lulu started bawling…I want my Daddy.  She is so sensitive; I am starting to dread the teenage years already.  Bye, SR”

“3/25/00 (e-mail to Milly)  I was just going to e-mail you about the (UF basketball) game when I got your message.  We saw the last 5 minutes of the game here.  Jay was going bezerk – yelling all over the house.  Kinda like G8r…except when they were down he would say, ‘It doesn’t matter; it’s just a game.’  And I said they were playing in a tournament, then he really got into it.  He was so excited when they won.  We had Mr. DL’s birthday party today.  He had a really good time.  I made him a train cake and he got several train things, all which he loved.  On his way to bed and as he drifted off, he kept say, ‘Tet you take; tet you choo choo, Momma.’ (thank you for the cake and train.)  It was so cute.  G8r got to call from the ship 2 times yesterday.  It was neat; Lulu started bawling again after she hung up with him.  He is so business-like when he is on cruise, though, even in his e-mails, unless it’s about baseball 🙂  Love, SR”

Lulu is now 14 and a wonderful teenage girl.  I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, wonderful daughter.  What was  I worried about?  She was just missing her Daddy!

  • Milly=my wonderful mother-in-law

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It’s Not Fair!

I hate it when other people upset my children.  Mainly, because I have to listen to them whine for the next 30 minutes of my life.  And secondly, because I don’t want some idiot messing with my angels!  My youngest son is participating in an after-school basketball tournament this month.  When I picked him up today, the first thing he said was that his team had lost.  And then he proceded with, “And it wasn’t fair!” 

“Not fair” is one phrase I don’t like to hear from my children’s mouths.  I usually reply with, “Life’s not fair.”  Sometimes things go your way, and sometimes they don’t.  And when it doesn’t seem to go quite fairly…well, sometimes it turns out better than you thought it would.

So, on our way home, my son proceeded to tell me about what happened when one of the referees blew her whistle during the game.  Being a rule-follower (that I have proudly made him into), he stopped and looked at her for the call while the other children continued to play.  She looked at him and said, “Oh, I was just kidding!”  The other team proceeded to score at that moment.  He told me that after the game he went to the tournament director and tried to explain the situation and was told to stop being emotional. 

E – MO – TION – AL ?!?!?!  I think I would have gone hari-kari on her.  And then she would have seen emotional.  Why must people like that make rule-followers like us yell, “BUT IT’S NOT FAIR!”?

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