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One Year Anniversary

Wow.  I started this blog 365 days ago.   It’s interesting to look back and see what we did over the past year.  I didn’t write much in the past couple of months as we have been settling in here in our new home in Florida.  We’ve been here 2 months now.  And we are learning how to live in the country.  We got our first real pets – we’ve had fish over the years – but now we have a puppy and two mares.  The dog has become a member of the family; he’s just too cute.  And we are gradually learning how to take care of horses.  We are hoping to ride them soon, but it’s been a while, so I’m taking it slowly. 

The kids started school last week and are trying to find their places in yet another new school.  Our oldest joined the football team over the summer before school started so got a jump-start on making new friends.  Since this is his senior year, I’m glad he was able to do that.  Our daughter joined the volleyball team when school started and is learning the in’s and out’s of another new sport.  Our youngest  joined the middle school football team and may be our quarterback.  I am really looking forward to seeing them play ball this fall.  I love to watch my kids play.

My husband got a job at the middle school as an 8th grade math teacher.  He is finding it to be more challenging than he first thought.  It is much different than the 28 years he did in the military.  I am also trying to find my place here as well.  I thought that I would already be looking for a job, but it has worked out that it’s been good that I am still at home.  I actually have not quite gotten the house unpacked as we are waiting for our house-builders to repair/finish a few things that weren’t complete when we moved in.  Things like no shelves in our kitchen pantry, rips in the wall paper, legs missing on the stove, holes in the linoleum, and scratches on the counter tops have held me up from unpacking some boxes.  I just got a call that they are finally coming tomorrow to take care of these things – 2 months after we moved in.

Happy Anniversary to me.  Happy “New” Year to all.


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T’was the First Day of School

T’was the first day of school, and all through the house

Not a child was present, not even my spouse.

All the kids’ lunches packed and their backpacks also,

I sent them to school with a kiss and said, “Go!”


Although quite silent the house seemed all day,

I managed and cleaned and got all the bills paid.

I had lunch with my hubby; what a bonus was that!

No “Stop it!” or “Quiet!” or “Stop calling your sister fat!”


Then at 4 pm sharp the buses came back

Dropping them all off with their backpacks.

I brought them inside and we talked about school.

The first day was easy; all the teachers seemed cool.


Now they’re all tucked in, all snug in their beds,

In hopes that tomorrow brings smart thoughts to their heads.

And hubby and I are also tired here,

So we wish you sweet dreams and a great new school year!


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