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Do Not Pass GO

I was so excited yesterday when we finally got a call from the air conditioner repairman and he said we were next on the list.  He had been working something like 16-hour days since Saturday when summer decided to hit here in Virginia.  We now have closed all of the windows (my sinuses are thankful for that) and have cold air flowing through the house veins once again.

Next item, we had to take my car into the shop Monday for some work on the breaks, tire rotation, oil change, and the little engine check light that lit up on Saturday.  It kind of freaked me out when I checked the car’s manual for what to do when that light comes on, and it said something like, “The car’s battery is discharging.  Go directly to your dealership to have it looked at.”  In other words, Do not pass GO.  Do not collect $200…  Well, I had a car-load of groceries and I didn’t think I needed to be taking them to the dealership.  So, after I got home, I turned the car off thinking that maybe it could be jump-started from my husband’s car or get a tow if that didn’t work.  I let it sit for the weekend in fear that I would get stranded at one of the kids’ games that are usually a 30-minute drive from home.  It started right up Monday morning, and I took it in to the mechanic.  He found that some oxygen sensor for the gas line was broken and replaced it.  Is that all?  $300 later, I was halfway home yesterday afternoon and that dang light came back on.  Back to the mechanic this morning…


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Family Friendship

Well, we are still without air conditioning in our house.  Apparently when the heatwave struck this weekend, everyone’s a/c decided to break down.  It’s not too bad until about noon when the sun starts beating down on the house.  There is a nice breeze today, and with the windows open it feels very comfortable inside.  The only downside to that is I have a hard time with the pollen sometimes, so I am pumping meds and squirting lots of eyedrops. 

I’m not sure if it was being out in the sun and heat this weekend, but my husband and my oldest son are home sick today.  My husband has some bug that gives him the chills one minute and he’s sweating the next; he said his back hurts too.  After a while, I finally convinced him that he should take some Tylenol for the fever and pain.  He said it would give him a stomach ache; I said it would be better than a fever and back pain.  I dropped 2 Tylenols in my son’s hand for his fever, and he didn’t question it at all.  They are both in bed fast asleep, hopefully healing. 

On another note, I got to celebrate my birthday again yesterday…a package came in the mail.  My sil Shelley sent me some beautiful jewelry 🙂  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!  I thought it might be fun to share some similarities between my sil and me; some she might not even know. 

We married brothers.

We both have 3 children (each of us has 2 boys and a girl).

We both grew up in small cities in north Florida – my hometown is a wee bit smaller.

We will be living in the same town, next door to one another (until our house is built) in an even smaller town.

We both love to read.

We like to volunteer in our children’s schools.

We have both worked in a school.

We are very protective mommas.

We both loooove purple.

Both of us are SAHMs right now.

Shelley and her family moved last summer from her hometown to the little town her husband and mine grew up in.  Much of our husbands’ extended family live in the same town as well.  We are excited to move there this summer, as our children will get to interact with their cousins more often than just holidays.  Once we arrive, I look forward to discovering even more similarities between us and deepening our friendship.


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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Making the list about me the other day was fun but also more difficult than I thought it would be.  I haven’t done too many extraordinary things.  I consider my family the most important thing to me, so they are my focus.  But I think I maintain a balance by taking care of myself as well because if I didn’t, I couldn’t be there for them.  I started grasping for ideas towards the end of my list, but last night (while sweating in bed) I thought of a better #38:  My middle name is Rose, and I was born and raised in the South, hence the name Southern Rose.

In regards to the sweating, as for many across the US, spring/summer finally sprung this past week.  I am so excited – shorts and flip flop weather is finally here!  On the downside, when we went to turn the a/c on for the first time this year, it didn’t blow out any cold air.  We opened up windows and got a good breeze flowing through the house, so it wasn’t as bad as not having heat in the winter.  (That happened to us in January – well, to my husband and the kids.  I was out of town when it happened.)  At one point, I found an excuse to go to the grocery store just so I could sit in the air-conditioned car for a few minutes.  Hopefully, the repairman will be here soon.  Until then, I guess I’ll go enjoy a glass of homemade lemonade on the porch while I rock in my favorite chair and my servants fan me … oops, back to reality; must be the heat.

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