Arrigato, Japan!


In the fall of 1999, we started thinking about our next military move which was to take place in January of the next year.  My husband was told that we would be going back to San Diego, and he would be a part of the crew aboard the USS Coronado.  We had been stationed there 6 years earlier and loved the area and were very excited to be returning.  About a month before we were to start packing out, we got word that we were not going to California and, as a matter of fact, not even anywhere in the United States.  We were going to Sasebo, Japan.  I was so set on going to California and had no desire to go to Japan.  I had three children ages 7, 5, and 2, and I was turning 30 just a few months after we were to move.  It took a while to sink in, but after I got used to the idea of us moving overseas, I prepared myself for an adventure, and here are a few ramblings about our 19 months in Japan.

Our First Overseas Adventure: Japan 2000

Flat Stanley’s Trip from Japan to Florida and Back

Mail from Japan

Bawling, Basketball, and Birthdays in Japan

Traveling Around Japan

A New School Year in Japan

Life on the Ship (while stationed in Japan)

Baseball and Blessings in Japan

The Little Things in Life…in Japan

News Flash from Japan

Getting Ready to Leave Japan

One Last Hurrah Before Departing Japan


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