Island Life in Guam

Hafa Adai!

Pronounced <half a day>, it means “Hello” in Chamorro, the native language of Guam.  Guam is an island in the western Pacific Ocean and  is a US possession.   It lies 13° north of the equator and has an area of 209 square miles.  Since I grew up near the beach in Florida, I became an island girl fairly quickly as did my children.  We didn’t see a lot of my husband as he was deployed on ships and did a tour to Iraq while we were there.  When he was there, we did enjoy trips to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, and other Micronesian islands.  I enjoyed going down memory lane recounting the experiences we had in our nearly 3 years in Guam. 

Welcome Home:  Guam 2002

Guam, Sweet, Guam

Deploying From Guam

Life on the Ship (while stationed in Guam)

Letters from the Middle East to Florida and Guam

Space-A’ing From Guam

On Vacation in Florida (from Guam)

Det from Guam Makes Sea Rescue

Before Heading Back to Guam

Sports in Guam

From Guam to Baghdad

More on Storms, Sports, and School in Guam

Orders From Guam


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