Over the Hill

That’s what the balloons said at my surprise birthday party almost 2 months ago.  I celebrated the big FOUR – O.  I don’t really feel any differently now that my age begins with a 4 instead of a 3, but there’s something about that zero at the end that does something.   Why is it cool when you finally reach double digits at 10 and then awesome when you reach 20?  But 30 and 40 have been different for some reason.  And it’s not that 40 sounds that old, but…

1. My oldest son graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago and turned 18.

2. My youngest son just turned 13 (three teenagers – that may put me in my grave faster than turning 40 ;).

3. My daughter (in the middle) is getting asked out on dates.

4. My husband is talking about playing with “our grandchildren” one day in our new front yard – that better be a very, very long time from now!

5. My legs start hurting when I sit on the floor too long.

6. My back hurts if I sit or stand too long.

7. The baby pooch came back 5 years ago and won’t go away.

8. I can’t stay awake past 11 pm much anymore.

9. Drinking caffeine too late keeps me awake at night (it never did until a few years ago).

10.  A few gray hairs have started showing their ugly selves.

11. I have a hot flash every once in a while.

12. I hate the wrinkles that are slowly appearing on my face.

13. And the sagging skin on my neck and other places.

14. And the age spots.

15. My shop-til-you-drop end time comes sooner than it used to.

16. My failing memory is getting worse and worse.

17. There are a lot more creaks and cracks when I sit down and stand up.

18. Fried foods kill my insides more than before.

19. I don’t get carded when I buy alcohol  – well, I never really did in my 20’s either.

20.  Bingo sounds fun!

Wow, this list is starting to make me feel old!  But at least…

21. I still have my eyesight (well, I cheated a few years back and had laser surgery – but I don’t need reading glasses…yet).

22. I can still hear the dogs barking down the street in the middle of the night, so no hearing aids needed yet either.

 23. I’ve been asked if my children are my siblings (I always love those people!) – it also helps that they are all taller than me!

24. I can still run – without it hurting too much.

25. I don’t have to ask my kids about the latest electronic gadget or website because I usually know before them.

26. My kids think I’m cool!

27. My kids’ friends think I’m cool.

28. My hubby still thinks I’m hot 🙂

29. Someone was surprised last week when I said I was 40.

30. If I don’t look too closely in the mirror, I sometimes feel like I’m in my 20’s or 30’s, depending on the day.

31. My kids like to hang out with me.

32. I have friends who are planning marriages for their kids – I hope that’s a bit farther into the future.

33. I have friends who are grandparents – I can wait a bit longer for that too.

34. I can get down on the ground – and back up (even with the creaking and cracking!)

35. I can still dance.

36. And party (as evidenced on my birthday cruise!) – but I wouldn’t want to do it every weekend!

37. My mind still seems to be pretty sharp – at least in my mind.

38. I’m not quite middle aged (life expectancy for an American woman is about 80.7 years).

39. I am healthy.

40. And I have a wonderful family who doesn’t care how old I am 😉


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