Florida Living

I got to ride one of our horses today!  It was so cool.  I haven’t ridden my own horse in over 25 years (oh my goodness, I’m old!).  My family had a 17-hands high Appaloosa when I was around 12 or 13.  Sergeant Tommy was kept  out in a little country town, a little bigger than the one we’re living in now; it was more than a 30-minute drive from our house.  My parents would take my sisters and me out there every once in a while to ride him.  Now we have 2 horses, right in our own backyard!  It’s so weird.  I love that I get to be a little bit of a city girl but get the bennies of living in the country too.

After all that fun, we plopped down to watch some college football.  Since my mother-in-law is out of town, she offered up her University of Florida game ticket for tonight, so our boys went to watch the game at the stadium.  They were so excited; they cleaned the car and decorated it all up with orange and blue window paint.  Even though it wasn’t an even match-up, I know they had a good time.  There’s just something about being in a stadium, football, baseball, whatever, that is just so energizing.

My daughter just asked me, So what are we doing Sunday and Monday?  I’m thinking, Not much, right now.  A Netflix movie, a walk through the neighborhood, maybe a family board game… sound good to me.  I love three-day weekends!


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