Proud Parent Moment

Last night my husband and I were invited to attend an awards ceremony at our local middle school.  As our youngest son was putting on his best church clothes, he asked several times if he HAD to go.  And I kept answering, yes, sweetie, you HAVE to go.  At 6:30, we were seated and the ceremony began.  The first awards presented were for the 6th grade students of the year.  Each grade is divived into teams, and the 450 or so 6th graders are divided into four teams.  The teachers got together and chose 2 boys and 2 girls from each team to be awarded.  Our son’s name was the first on the list on the program we received at the door.  So, as the announcer started at the bottom of the list, we waited with anticipation (and a little disappointment as he was supposed to be called up first) for his name to be announced, so we could cheer and clap for our wonderful child.  But, as it went, his name was not called – at all – and the announcer went on to the next list of award winners. 

That, however, did not stop someone from yelling out to the announcer from the back half of a full auditorium to wait, “You forgot my son!”  However, Ms. Announcer couldn’t see the raised arms waving at her through the blinding stage lights or hear the cries at the back of the auditorium.  So, my sweet husband started for the stage.  I wanted him to march right up there and tell her my baby was gonna get on that stage to get his award, that I did not get all dressed up and do my hair and make up for the second time that day just to sit there for an hour and a half while 200 other middle schoolers marched up to the stage to receive their pretty awards and while their 400 parents got to glow and cheer and take pictures of their children in their best church clothes on that stage receiving their awards and shaking hands with the principal and getting high fives and hugs from their teachers.  But he was probably a little nicer than that  because the next thing I knew it our son got a special recall and an apology and a huge applause (I even got a  “Good for you!” from the parent sitting behind me).  And as I fumbled with my camera and tears were streaming down my cheeks, my baby got awarded as a 6th Grade Student of the Year.

BTW, how coincidental is this?  My oldest son was Male Student of the Year in his 6th grade year (we were in Guam at the time), and our daughter was the Female Student of the Year in her 6th grade year as well (we had gotten to France half way through the school year and she was chosen!).


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2 responses to “Proud Parent Moment

  1. Great job Mom & Dad!!! And I would have totally said something too!

  2. thanks for your encouraging comment! when are you doing your next 10k? I hope you reach your goal and beat the dreaded 60 minute mark! (I hope I beat it too)!

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