Cleaning House

I wrapped up our Experiences in Guam posts yesterday and have them all posted to that page now.  Soon I will start on our Experiences in Paris.  Since I don’t have copies of e-mails from that tour, I will have to wrack my brain before I can post anything.  Thankfully, it was our most recent move, so hopefully my brain won’t let me down too much.  I’m thinking about posting some pictures from our many adventures as well when I get the chance. 

My husband went to Florida yesterday to get our (temporary) new house ready for when we move in June…31 days ’til pack-out…  He’ll be gone for 2 weeks; he’s also got a military conference in Jacksonville he’s got to attend and a couple of job interviews.  While he’s working down there, I am planning a total clean-up and purging of our house here.  It is amazing how much stuff can accumulate in less than 2 years!  If the computer or I get buried in the process of cleaning and I can’t update my blog anytime soon, click on the tabs above if you missed reading about our first 2 overseas adventures in Japan and Guam.  When you’re done with that, click here for my other blog  After that, I guess you’re on your own.  Have a great weekend!


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6 responses to “Cleaning House

  1. Here from Sits. Good luck with cleaning your house. I should probably be doing the same to mine, especially my kids’ room. I don’t know how they get so much toys!

  2. Are you guys PCSing or is he getting out? Jacksonville is great!!! I used to visit all the time when we were living at Stewart. You’ll love it!


  3. Stopping by from SITS and became a Follower. I hope you will visit me.

  4. Stopping by from SITS to say hello! Sounds like you move around alot, must make for an interesting life!

  5. southernrose

    My husband is retiring after 27 years in the military (almost 8 years in the Army Reserves and 19+ in the Navy). His hometown, where we are moving from here, is about 2 hours southwest of Jacksonville. He is going to TAP class there next week. We are so excited to be going home to Florida (I’m from the Pensacola area – the other end of the panhandle).

  6. Hi, again. Thanks for stopping by. For some reason your comment would not post, so I added “What he said” to the post on Our Butterfly. LOL

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