On Vacation in Florida (from Guam)

Continued from my earlier post Welcome to Guam:  2002 (part 7).  Florida time has always been associated with vacation time – either the farm near Gainesville (my husband’s home) or the beach in Pensacola (where I grew up).  Here’s what we did on this trip.

“6/18/03:  (e-mail to G8r)  We went pea picking.  We shelled about a quart of them with the pea sheller then it broke down.  James (a long-time worker on the farm and family friend) said that he liked to shell his peas by hand, so of course the kids had to know how that was done.  They spent about an hour shelling peas last night.  Today the boys mowed and then your daddy took them and the boat down to the river.  We have not run the boat for 6 months, so he is just taking it down to have it checked out.  They took poles and fishing gear just in case it runs ok.  More later.  Love you, Mama.”

“6/25/03:  We finally made it out flying today (they own a small private plane).  Jay and I went first then Mr DL and I.  It was getting bumpy when we came down, so I will take Lulu on another day.  Jay flew from the airport to the farm after we reached altitude.  He was very steady on the controls and seemed to really enjoy flying.  I let him go up about 500 feet and then down again.  He also flew back to the airport after I flew over the farm for him to look at the hay field that he had helped rake the day before.  We had to quit early so he could make it back to help with the hay this afternoon.  He was quite anxious to get back by the starting time.  He had been told that they would be starting at noon and I had him there, but everyone was just going to lunch so he sat with them while they ate.  He spent the rest of the day in the hay field and came back at 6:15.  Tomorrow we are going to see your brother and Shelley.”

To be continued…

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  1. Hi, I’m visiting from MBC. Great blog.

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