Life on the Ship (while stationed in Guam)

Continued from my earlier post Welcome Home:  Guam 2002 (part 4).  I liked this e-mail my husband sent to his parents.  His feet hurt so badly sometimes that he pays our children to rub them.

“2/19/03:  Hello Home,  We just pulled out of port and I had a wonderful time.  I always seem to try to immerse myself in the local culture a little more than the people that I am with want to, but, hey, you only live once.  I learned that Chinese is difficult but still…making the attempt is worth it every time.

I was waiting for three of the guys on my detachment to get haircuts when I saw a place next door to get a foot rub.  They are everywhere here, and I had the time, so I gave it a try.  These three Chinese women came out and proceeded to yatter away in Mandarin.  I gave it a shot, and they all went crazy.  It turned out that they are all trying to learn English, so we were a perfect match.  This one lady proceeded to put the most excruciating hurting on my feet that I have ever felt (much less paid for), and the other two practiced their English.  It was a blast.  Halfway through the conversation I accidentally said, ‘Hai’ for yes, and the lady asked me if I spoke Japanese (in Japanese).  It was so cool; we blundered our way through one of the greatest conversations I have ever had – in three languages.  Just about the time it was over, my three pilots came in to get me.  By now they probably think I am nuts, but it doesn’t matter because I take care of them, and they think I am smart (got ’em fooled).  A little while later I bought this really neat Chinese mandolin.  I will learn what it is really called later.  It sounds kind of like a banjo with an oriental twang.  Zai Jian, G8r”


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