Family Friendship

Well, we are still without air conditioning in our house.  Apparently when the heatwave struck this weekend, everyone’s a/c decided to break down.  It’s not too bad until about noon when the sun starts beating down on the house.  There is a nice breeze today, and with the windows open it feels very comfortable inside.  The only downside to that is I have a hard time with the pollen sometimes, so I am pumping meds and squirting lots of eyedrops. 

I’m not sure if it was being out in the sun and heat this weekend, but my husband and my oldest son are home sick today.  My husband has some bug that gives him the chills one minute and he’s sweating the next; he said his back hurts too.  After a while, I finally convinced him that he should take some Tylenol for the fever and pain.  He said it would give him a stomach ache; I said it would be better than a fever and back pain.  I dropped 2 Tylenols in my son’s hand for his fever, and he didn’t question it at all.  They are both in bed fast asleep, hopefully healing. 

On another note, I got to celebrate my birthday again yesterday…a package came in the mail.  My sil Shelley sent me some beautiful jewelry 🙂  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!  I thought it might be fun to share some similarities between my sil and me; some she might not even know. 

We married brothers.

We both have 3 children (each of us has 2 boys and a girl).

We both grew up in small cities in north Florida – my hometown is a wee bit smaller.

We will be living in the same town, next door to one another (until our house is built) in an even smaller town.

We both love to read.

We like to volunteer in our children’s schools.

We have both worked in a school.

We are very protective mommas.

We both loooove purple.

Both of us are SAHMs right now.

Shelley and her family moved last summer from her hometown to the little town her husband and mine grew up in.  Much of our husbands’ extended family live in the same town as well.  We are excited to move there this summer, as our children will get to interact with their cousins more often than just holidays.  Once we arrive, I look forward to discovering even more similarities between us and deepening our friendship.


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4 responses to “Family Friendship

  1. I hope your husband feels better! Being sick is no fun!

  2. Hey,

    I am glad that you like the package. I hate to admit that I don’t know you well enough yet to know what your preferences are. But we will get to know each other better starting in June.
    I really did not think about some of the similiarities between us. It’s kind of scary, huh?
    Hope T and J feel better soon. (P.S. Tell T to stop being such a baby and take the medicine). He and his brother are alike in that they don’t want to put any meds in.

  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that you are one of the winners of the $5 Starbucks gift card at Congrats! Please send me your name and address at and I’ll send it right out to you!

  4. It’s no fun when you’re sick. Hope your family feels better soon.

    Hugs and Mocha,

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