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I am ex-wah-sted!  I ran errands all day long and am still running kids around for their doings.  Well, right now I am taking a break between drop-offs and pick-ups, checking e-mails, etc.  My hip and knee are a little sore from the walking around, but I hope the stretches are helping.  One suggestion I found for the IT band problem is to roll on my side from my hip to my knee on a foam roller to “break up scar tissue.”  I looked at the stores I went to today, but the closest thing I could find was a pool noodle.  I’m not sure that it would work because it is hollow down the center.  I probably need to look at a sporting good store.

My youngest has been asking me to make a list of what I want for my birthday.  My husband made one for himself for Christmas – about a month ahead – and ended up buying half of the things on it – before Christams.  His birthday is 3 weeks after mine, and he already has a list of what he wants on the refrigerator.  I think he’s already bought one item.  Makes me wonder if the list thing is a good idea.  But I went ahead and made a list today while I was shopping; I wrote down a few things and created a “Mommy’s Wants and Wishes” list.  My little one said, “Does it only have chocolate on it?” when I handed it to him.  He knows me too well.  But I added the foam roller and a couple of other things just to make him happy.  I will try to be patient and wait to buy what I don’t get after my birthday – maybe with all of the birthday $$$ I get 🙂


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  1. Hey! Maybe I should start a list. Heehee! Actually, my husband seems to know what I want before I know. He’s always picking up stuff for me before asking me about it. We hardly have two pennies to rub together, but last week he picked up an MP3 player that was on clearance just because he knew I’d enjoy having one. Is that man great, or what?!

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