12 Hours Later

We are back home in Virginia safe and sound – sans husband.  He stayed in Florida to take care of a few things with the houses and will drive back up in a few days.  I am relieved to have one less thing to worry about when we arrive there this summer, somewhere to live while our house is being built.  I really hope that we can be in our ultimate house before year’s end, but I know not to put too much of my hope in that idea as things happen.  We shall see.

I am sitting here with The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook in my lap with big dreams.  I was not a good girl over spring break – well it was vacation.  My other excuse is that I did something to my knee a few weeks ago while running and thought it had healed, but then it (I think it’s my IT band) flared up again with all of the walking we did in NYC.  I found some stretches and exercises on line that I hope will help and will start those tomorrow because I really need to run off these few pounds I put on this past week.  I am determined to get into better shape these last 2 months we have here before we pack out.  I have been cutting out lots of different <bad> foods from my family’s diet over the years, but I’d really like to start making some things like breads, protein bars, whatever I can, from scratch as much as possible.  I like the idea of fresh ingredients.  It’s just a matter of finding the desire and energy and making the time to experiment with new recipes.

One last thing that I have been working on lately is going to bed at a decent time, so I’m off to get some zzz’s.


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2 responses to “12 Hours Later

  1. Carl

    Hello Stephanie,
    It is great to read your blog! I can really feal how you all are longing for the summer and to return to your Florida.
    We are preparing to move to Brussels for a period of three years and Lisa is looking at a house tomorrow. We will leave Stockholm in August.

    Big hugs to everyone from Carl and the kids.

  2. OH, I really hope you’ll take good care of your knee. I’ve had my knee get angry at me from time to time. I love to run, but if I don’t do it correctly or if I do too much at one time, my knee rebels. And I need it too much in the future to not listen to it today. Keep us posted!

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