Work and Play

We’ve been busy in Florida with our work and play.  Yesterday we signed papers for a new house – it will be a temporary one for us to live in while we are building.  It will be just around the corner from where we are building which I really like.  The kids will be in the area where we are going to end up living, and maybe it won’t feel so much like the big military moves we have been doing over the years when we move from one to the other.

Today the boys went fishing with my husband’s uncle – hopefully they don’t come back too sunburned but with something for dinner and smiles.  The girls are going into Gainesville to do some shopping 🙂  My mil is building a doll house for my 7 year old niece and needs to go searching for some parts.  She has lots of fun in her workshop.  Over the years she has built a canopy bed and doll house for my daughter, a cedar chest for me, dining room tables, etc.  And most of the wood comes off of the land here on the farm which makes it that much more special.

Tomorrow I am going to visit a really good friend from high school.  I haven’t seen her since our 10 year reunion ( a few (11) years ago).  She lives about 4 hours away, so we are going to meet half way and do some catching up.  Sunday I am driving back up to Virginia with the kids.  My husband is going to stay here to take care of some things for the houses.  We’re hoping to start with some of the permitting and other preliminaries on the house we are building, so that when we arrive in June things are already rolling.  That is the plan; we’ll see how it unfolds.

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One response to “Work and Play

  1. David Snedeker

    Sounds like you guys/gals are busy all over the place as usual.

    I am sooooooooo glad that your family is going to be closer now. The Snedeker family has really missed being able to spend time with all of our family members.

    I am happy to hear that you were able to find housing close to where the new house will be.

    Finding a home as close as you mention it will be to the new one, is certainly a blessing. Our God gives us amazing gifts that way.

    Please let our family know if we can be if any assistance at all in your move.

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