One Last Hurrah Before Departing Japan

Continued from my earlier post Our First Overseas Adventure:  Japan 2000 (part 12).

“7/30/01  This Saturday morning we went to the softball fields at Nimitz Park; I went to play in the end of the year softball tournament and was pretty excited.  We placed third in the regular season and had a good shot at winning the tournament.  We ended up placing third in the tournament out of 16 teams.  I had a blast and turned 5 double plays from 3rd base in four of the six games we played.  That’s tough…I haven’t seen anyone turn a double from 3rd base all year, and I had only turned one other throughout the regular season.  So I had the big head and was feeling pretty good about my athletic prowess riding home in the car with the family who watched the whole tournament (because it was so exciting).  The windows were down, the radio was on a Japanese channel playing some American song from the 70’s, and life was good.  I turned to my loving supportive family in the back seat and said, ‘Who is the greatest 3rd baseman in the whole world?’  Without even blinking an eye, Jay looks up and said, ‘Chipper Jones.’  Lulu says, ‘Yup, Chipper Jones.’  Then Mr DL, who has to copy everybody, repeats the same, and SR (just to drive it in) says, ‘Definitely Chipper Jones.’ I thought my family was more supportive than that.~G8r”

We have a lot of great memories from our 19 months in Japan.  As apprehensive as I was at first, I am so glad we got to go.  It is a beautiful country and most of the Japanese were wonderful and welcoming.

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  1. LOL…cute story. Resembles the appreciation my sons show me!

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