Bawling, Basketball, and Birthdays in Japan

Continued from my earlier post Our First Overseas Adventure:  Japan 2000 (part 4). 

“3/9/00  Milly*, Lulu asked me today when you are coming.  I told her August and she asked if that was soon.  G8r is in Okinawa for a couple of days.  He called and left a message on our machine when I was volunteering at Lulu’s class.  When I played it the kids heard it, and Lulu started bawling…I want my Daddy.  She is so sensitive; I am starting to dread the teenage years already.  Bye, SR”

“3/25/00 (e-mail to Milly)  I was just going to e-mail you about the (UF basketball) game when I got your message.  We saw the last 5 minutes of the game here.  Jay was going bezerk – yelling all over the house.  Kinda like G8r…except when they were down he would say, ‘It doesn’t matter; it’s just a game.’  And I said they were playing in a tournament, then he really got into it.  He was so excited when they won.  We had Mr. DL’s birthday party today.  He had a really good time.  I made him a train cake and he got several train things, all which he loved.  On his way to bed and as he drifted off, he kept say, ‘Tet you take; tet you choo choo, Momma.’ (thank you for the cake and train.)  It was so cute.  G8r got to call from the ship 2 times yesterday.  It was neat; Lulu started bawling again after she hung up with him.  He is so business-like when he is on cruise, though, even in his e-mails, unless it’s about baseball 🙂  Love, SR”

Lulu is now 14 and a wonderful teenage girl.  I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, wonderful daughter.  What was  I worried about?  She was just missing her Daddy!

  • Milly=my wonderful mother-in-law

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