Flat Stanley’s Trip from Japan to Florida and Back

Continued from my earlier post Our First Overseas Adventure:  Japan 2000 (part 2).  After taking a couple of months to settle in, we got into a routine and the kids started making new friends at school, and I also did with neighbors and the spouse support groups.  My husband’s ship continued its comings and goings, and we got used to working around that.

“3/22/00  Hi, G8r!  Did you hear about the project Jay’s* class is doing?  He sent me a colored picture of a little boy cut out of construction paper.  The figure is about 12″ high.  Seems that a bulletin board fell on him; that is why he is flat.  Anyway he came to visit and I was supposed to write a letter back  telling the class where he went and what he saw.  Plus send pictures.  I had a good time with this one.  I guess the publisher in me came out. I ended up sending a 17-page booklet.  I took Stanley to the post office and taped him to the door and took a picture.  Then we visited the hardware store and feed store.  I put in a picture of the school where Jay’s daddy went to school and a picture of the old school where Jay’s granddad and great-grandmother went to school.  On the tour of the farm, Stanley played on the hay in the barn, on hay rolls and looked down a gopher hole.  He visted Mammo (great-grandmother) and saw her birds.  He visited cousins, sat in a chair on the front porch of his uncle’s new house and helped me feed the horse (he got knocked over when the horse jumped when the flash went off!) and the dogs.  We ended with a 4-wheeler (bicycle) ride.  It was fun.  Love you, Mama”

“4/4/00  Grandma, Flat Stanley got to my school last week.  The book was neat.  I hope you had a lot of fun with Stanley at your house.  I wish you could come after spring break because I miss you very much.  The End.  Love, Jay Goofy-head”

The place that Mama/Grandma (my mil) is speaking of in her letter to my husband (while he was on one of his cruises) is where we are moving to this summer.  My husband’s family owns a large farm where they have a herd of cows and bale hay on a lot of the land.  Mamoo is the matriarch of the family and farm and has given parcels to the children and grandchildren to build homes on, if they so choose.  We are hoping to start building our dream home on a parcel when we get there this summer.  Jay will graduate from the same high school (rebuilt in 2000) that his grandfather and great-grandmother graduated from.  My husband was not able to go to that high school as it was shut down at the time, and he had to go to another school in the county.

  • Jay=our oldest son (Jay=Juggling8r, as he likes to be called sometimes.  He loves to juggle and of course he’s a Gator fan – what else in our house?!)

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