Our First Overseas Adventure: Japan 2000

Somedays I sit at the computer wondering what to blog about.  I thought I would have a whole lot more to write about with a husband who has been in the military for 27 years and our three children.  When I think back over the last 19 of those military years I have been apart of, there are a lot of stories there.  We are nearing the end of our military journey, and our children are older now and aren’t having those funny kid moments as often.  So I thought it might be neat to go down memory lane…..

“1/27/00  Hello, Hello, Hello… Well, we are here and in a house!  We moved into a 4-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, townhouse in base housing on Tuesday.  We got our first shipment (all of 750 lbs – not too much stuff); it’s some basics.  The housing office loans out furniture until ours gets here – supposed to arrive March 14.  G8r* leaves next Wednesday for training in Okinawa; he’ll return Saturday and then leave again Monday on the ‘boat’- a huge ship!!  the USS Belleau-Wood.  They are supposed to be gone for 7 weeks, so he will miss all the cold weather we are getting right now.  It has either snowed or rained every other day since we’ve been here.  It doesn’t stay cold enough for the snow to stay on the ground though.  We actually live 25 minutes from the base; there is a playground right behind our house with lots of dirt for the kids!  And we can see a few mountains from our back windows – it’s really beautiful.  We are also right next door to a resort area for the Japanese called Huis ten Bosch.  It recognizes the Dutch who settled in this area a long time ago.  They put on a laser light  and fireworks show every night.  Kinda neat.  We got a van last week, and it hasn’t taken too long to get used to driving on the left side of the road.  It feels weird, but it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.  (now I’ve just jinxed myself)  Hello Kitty is really big here; Pokemon was big last year and is still selling.  Send me your requests for (Japanese Pokemon) cards or other things.  Love, SR”

“2/8/00 Hello.  G8r left today.  I think Lulu* did enough crying for all of us.  She wailed almost all the way home after dropping him off.  We’ll be all right – it’s only 52 days.  Did G8r tell you he has to go to a school in Pensacola in May for 10 days?  I don’t know what it’s for, but I guess that’s the only time they offer it.  We are trying to see if we can get flights over for the rest of us, but I don’t know if it would be a good idea to do that long flight with the kids again.  Mr. DL* is really having a hard time; I really hope getting our regular stuff will help.  Love, SR”

My mil saved a lot of the e-mails between her and us when we were stationed in Japan 9 years ago.  These were the first two I wrote.  She put them together in a notebook for us, and I thought it might be neat for the friends and family who didn’t hear about all of our adventures over there to go down memory lane with me.

  • G8r=my husband (for his alma mater) 
  • Lulu=our daughter (it was her name in French class last year) 
  • Mr. DL=our youngest son (DL=Dog Lover …  He’s been begging for a dog since he could talk.  He hasn’t gotten one yet because of all of our moves back and forth overseas.  He has been promised one when my husband retires and we move back to Florida.  He probably expects one to greet us the minute we drive up to our new house this summer.)

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