New * Yawk * Citeee

I’m going to the Big Apple later this week with my daughter.  She is so excited.  And so am I.  I have been before, but I think I am excited because my daughter is so happy that I am going too.  Her school choir is going to sing at the Cathedral of St. John The Divine – that’s the main reason for the trip.  We are also going to squeeze in two broadway shows, Mary Poppins and the Phantom of the Opera, (window) shop on 5th Ave., tour Radio City Music Hall, and visit the Top of the Rock. 

The first time I visited NYC was about 20 years ago with my parents and sisters.  We saw Cats.  And we got to peruse the fake Rolex’s and see Central Park and the Rockettes.  It will be neat to see how my daughter likes it.  She’s been around the world, so seeing new places is fun to her but nothing new.  I had hardly been out of the South at age 14, so I marvel at all the world has to offer with each new place we go.  It’s amazing how much different the world looks as an adult as compared to when I was younger.  I wonder what my children’s perspectives of the world will be when they are adults. 

Well, I have some packing to do.  Look out NYC – here we come (just a little warning :)).



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3 responses to “New * Yawk * Citeee

  1. How exciting!!! You go girl. I’m excited for you both. I won a trip to New York once, to see the Grammys. Of course, I didn’t go. My smallest one was just two months old and I wasn’t going to leave her for four days. But it was exciting to think about.
    I bet their performance at the cathedral will be fantastic. Take lots of pictures so she can show me when you guys get here.

  2. One place on my list I want to visit!!!

    So excited, hope you have a great trip!

    Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day….making the rounds. Wish me luck.

    xoxo-The Rambler @ My Rambling Thoughts.

  3. Have a terrific trip!! Say hello to “home” for me, ok? I’m from Long Island and wish I could go with you guys, lol!

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