Kill Them With Kindness?

Boy, that “Be kind…” quote is starting to haunt me.  I strive to be a better person each day, but it may just kill me.  Can you really kill someone with kindness?  Or be killed by your own kindness?  A couple of days ago someone sent me an unkind e-mail, in my opinion.  I’m not sure if the person knows how much they hurt me because I have not told them yet.  The first time I read the e-mail, I was mad, then sad, and then I cried.  Then I went back and reread the e-mail to see if I was over-reacting.  I started to write a reply back, first with angry, sarcastic words.  Then I changed it to show them that I was just hurt by their words.  But I still haven’t responded yet.  I thought that I should sleep on it over the weekend and think about it.

I constantly strive to be a good example for my kids.  My anger has gotten the best of me a couple of times in the past, but sometimes I think that if something is wrong, then maybe it is worth my anger.  I know I can’t fix every wrong, but shouldn’t we tell people when they’ve over-stepped the boundries of the unwritten rules in life?  I usually tell my kids to turn away from a hurtful person; don’t listen, don’t respond, just go somewhere else.  But does that apply to every situation in life? Should we always turn around and walk away? or should we stay there and tell them that they’ve hurt us? or should we turn the other cheek and just kill them with kindness?

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