Weather, Softball, and Plato

I know my family is probably tired of me complaining about the weather.  Well, if it would just be spring like it is supposed to be … I’m just saying.  Last night, my husband and I took our daughter to a softball scrimmage.  We also took a stack of blankets, our snow jackets, hats, and gloves.  I almost went searching for my long underwear before we left; thank goodness I had the blankets.

Speaking of softball coaches, thank goodness (again) that we don’t have the other team’s coach.  So, it was a scrimmage = preason practice game.  The coaches decided to act as umpires when their team was out in the field.  When it was the other team’s coach’s turn, he called out the count (balls and strikes) incorrectly for one of our batters.  It was 4 (balls) and 2 (strikes), so our batter was supposed to go to first base.  But the coach called out 3 and 2, and people started calling out (nicely) that it was actually 4 balls.  He immediately bellowed to the sidelines something like, “Parents, since you are not umpiring and I am the coach, you need to shut up.”  Oooooooooooooooooooh, he did not!  Yes, unfortunately, he did.  I (and every other parent there) was shocked.  A man who just cannot admit he made a mistake and say something like, “Sorry, I lost count,” is coaching friends of my 14 year-old daughter.

I bit my tongue when my daughter got in the car after the game.  I wanted so badly to see what she thought of the other coach and if there was any reaction from the other girls.  I talk with her about just about everything, and sometimes I realize I need to stop and let her be a teenager.  It’s so hard because we really like to hang out and do so much together.  But I didn’t say a word about the rude coach because I am really trying really hard to do what my Plato quote says (see my previous post  My Battle with Kindness if you haven’t already).  And she didn’t mention it, so hopefully most of the girls missed it.

Speaking of Plato quotes, after the rude coach made his rude comment, which my husband totally missed because he was on his cell phone, I relayed the whole incident to him after he hung up.  I then asked him if he had read my blog recently.  He said it had been a little while, so I asked him if he had read my blog about the Plato quote (because I thought it may apply to this situation, and I am really trying really hard to do what the quote says 🙂 ).  So, he said, “Plato?  I didn’t know they had quotes on their cans.” And I said, “What?” And after a few more of his, “Really, Plato has quotes?” and my “What? Yeah, Plato,” I started laughing hysterically.  He thought I had said Play-Doh.  Does anyone (from the South) pronounce it <Play-Toe>?



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7 responses to “Weather, Softball, and Plato

  1. VS

    I am so glad to hear that it’s not just my husband who misinterprets his wife! So amusing!!! How in the world can you mistake Plato (an enlightened thinker) with Play-Do???

    This is a great blond moment for your husband

    It is spring here…everything is turning green and the flowers are blooming!

  2. LM

    Thanks for giving me an excuse to sit and read for one moment of the day!!!

  3. ter

    Hi, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I hope you’ll come again soon! 🙂

  4. Hello, visiting from SITS. Have a great day.

  5. Thank you for coming by and sharing your crazeeness…CDO had me laughing! 🙂

  6. Bahahaha on the Play-doh mixup! Too funny. And that coach needs a kick in the pants – way to set an example! Just stopped by to say thanks for entering my Support the Troops giveaway and for following! I’ll be drawing two winners on Tuesday. Hope you’re one of them!

  7. I think the coach was a jerk, but these things usually get better handled when you talk to them privately. I can’t believe he said that!!

    Gotta love the “southernisms”, lol! I didn’t understand most of what people said when we first moved to GA, seven years ago!

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