Pay It Forward

What a weekend.  It all started on Friday actually.  My husband had a flight to catch that morning to Anaheim, so I dropped him off at the airport at 9:30 and kissed him good-bye.  If he had gone, I would be picking him up later today at the airport.  But as it happened, he called me 30 minutes later and said his flight had been cancelled.  The next flight out was so late that he would have lost a day of his conference, so he got a voucher for another flight, and I drove back up to the airport to pick him up.

Originally, he had decided to return home tonight, get on his motorcycle tomorrow and drive down to Florida to pick up his mother’s airplane to fly it back up here.  But since his trip to California got nixed, he decided to leave Saturday after our son’s basketball game.  He got to the North Carolina/South Carlina border just after sunset and decided to spend the night.  The next morning, I got a call from a man who was at the Sam’s Club in Myrtle Beach saying that he had found my husband’s wallet in the middle of the road.  I exchanged cell phone numbers with him in hopes that we would get in touch with my husband soon.  I was afraid he would drive so far south that the gas tank would be close to empty and he would have no money to pay for gas.  We both tried to get him on his cell phone, but as I had thought, he didn’t answer as he probably couldn’t hear it ringing.  About an hour later, I finally got a call from him, but the connection was so bad that we couldn’t have a conversation.  Another hour later, after travelling back north, he called me again from Myrtle Beach.  He had figured out that his wallet was missing and had gone back to where he thought he might have left it.  The man who had found his wallet had gone home, 25 miles south, and my husband was close to empty on the gas gauge.  So this wonderful man drove back up to Myrtle Beach to get it back to him.  In the meantime, his wife called me and told me that they were more than happy to help my husband out.  They were paying it forward.  The reason that her husband was even in Myrtle Beach that morning was because they had left some paid items in their cart the day before at Sam’s and had to drive the 25 miles back up to Myrtle Beach to pick them up.  Someone had found them in the cart and took them to the service desk so they could get them back. 

My husband says his faith in the human race has been restored.  I know that there are a lot of good people out there,  but when you get the rude cashier or the guy who cuts you off in traffic, it makes your faith falter.   I just have to keep reminding myself that I want to be one of the good people even when I am facing the bad.

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