Letting Go is Hard

I got a scare Monday morning when I got word that my 17-year old nephew was in a serious car accident.  He shattered his right ankle and may have other problems with his leg.  He lost control of his car Sunday night and swerved into on-coming traffic where the passenger side of the car got hit by an SUV.  I saw pictures of the demolished vehicle, and it was fortunate there was no passenger and that his side was not hit.  Someone would be dead otherwise.  He is going to have to go through a couple of surgeries, and it will be a while before he’ll walk on his leg.  Otherwise, thankfully, he is fine.  I got to talk to him about 12 hours after it happened while he occasionally cried out in pain for more morphine from his hospital bed. 

It hit so close to home.  He is 10 months older than my son, who has been driving on his own for less than a year.  His mother (my sister) was calmed down by the time I spoke with her that afternoon, but she told me that Sunday night she was hysterical.  I would imagine that I would have been close to the same.  She told me that maybe this would slow him down; he’s always on the go.  I can understand; all I’ve done is try to protect my kids.  If  I see that they may get hurt, physically or otherwise, I want to step in and help them or tell them “no” because I think they are making a wrong decision.  But there is a point where they have to learn on their own.  It sure can be hard letting go though.


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