Time for a Career Change…Sort Of

I just dropped my daughter off at school after an orthodontist appointment and lunch.  We ate at one of those places that you can take in your laptop and use the free wi-fi.  It’s a neat concept, but I prefer sitting at my own desk (or on my couch or in my bed in my jammies), and I get a little nervous with food or drink too close by while I’m surfing the net.  The only time I can remember needing wi-fi like this was when we moved to Paris (we didn’t have it in our hotel) .  The McDonald’s a few blocks down had it.  We would bundle up each morning and trudge down and order a coffee or hot chocolate to justify us taking up space to use their wi-fi to look for an apartment and check e-mail. 

Today I looked around at the yuppies on their laptops and the colleagues on their lunch breaks, wondering if I would be in that crowd in a few months.  I wonder what kind of job I will get.  When we first started talking about me working when we get to Florida, I was nervous.  I haven’t worked full-time since just before my first child was born.  I’ve had part-time positions mainly because I wanted to be around when the kids got home from school.  I have done a lot of volunteer work in hopes of balancing my lack of paid time on my résumé.  Being a mom has been a big job, especially when my husband was deployed for 6-8 months at a time.  Now the deployments have subsided, and two kids are in high school and one is in middle school.  The kids say they would miss it if I wasn’t at home in the afternoons even when we move to Florida.  I tend to agree that I like being there for them as well.  So we’ll see if I can find something that will fit into our lives to keep everyone happy.

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