The Nose Knows

Yesterday was a busy one here.  My husband went in for another surgery, this time for his sinuses.  He’s been having a hard time with them for while and is also hoping it will help him with his sleep apnea.  So, while he was in surgery, I had to run to the sporting goods store to pick up some lacrosse gloves for my oldest son.  He has decided to try out yet another new sport since they probably don’t play it at the school he’ll go to in Florida.  I met him at his practice and asked him to take his sister to her orthodontist appointment after his practice.  Thank goodness he can drive now.  Then I drove back to the hospital to check on my husband, and we were out of there within an hour.  I got back just in time to take our youngest to his first band concert.  My husband was in no shape to sit through a concert, so I recorded it so he could listen to it afterwards. 

When he started band this year, I wasn’t sure how our youngest would do.  His brother and sister both took piano lessons before they started in their middle school bands, but it wasn’t possible for him as we were moving more often when he would have taken lessons.  But fortunately he is loving playing the trombone.  He and his brother, who plays the trumpet, have played a couple of songs together and it sounded pretty good. 

I need to get back to my nursing duties.  My husband’s nose bra (that’s what the nurse called it!) needs the gauze to be changed.  Earlier he had to pull the “packs” from his nose that they had put in there to stop too much bleeding after the surgery (the nose bra collects what the packs couldn’t stop); they were attached by a little string that was dangling in front of his nose for the 24 hours following his surgery.  I thought they would be little pieces of gauze that he would have to pull out.  I felt so badly watching him pull ever so gently and whincing through it all; it made me want to cry for him.  When he started pulling, two long skinny looking cotton strips started coming out and kept coming; they were over 2 inches long!  It’s amazing what could fit up your nose.


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