Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

I have recently been tagged by several FB friends to tell them more about me.  It’s sort of like the e-mails asking What’s your favorite flower? or Diamonds or pearls?  except that I have to make up the list all by myself, 25 habits, goals, or facts about myself.  I came up with the first 20 pretty easily, but now I just roam around the house thinking, What else can I come up with besides, I like roses, or I’m a diamond kind of girl? 

It’s fun, though, reading what other friends have said about themselves, finding out things I probably wouldn’t have known about them.  That’s thanks to the internet.  It has made our world a little closer.  I remember when my husband first joined the Navy (there was no internet then).  When he was gone for his first deployment, we relied solely on the US Postal Service.  I would put a number on each letter I sent so that he’d know what order to read them in just in case they weren’t deliverd in the order I mailed them.  He got to call me from the ship a couple of times on a MARSAT line; that was an interesting experience.  We’d have to say “Over” when we were finished speaking each time to indicate that the line was open for the other person to speak.  I remember my husband telling me about one sailor who spoke with his mother, and she would say “Over” at the beginning of every sentence.

The internet and cell phones have taken over those methods of communication.  On his later cruises, my husband and I would get excited when we were, on the rare occasion, on the internet at the same time and could chat.  Now a lot of families can have video chats from ships and talk on cell phones from just about anywhere.  The internet sure makes it nice having friends all over the world.  I used to hear from a lot of friends just once a year with a Christmas card.  Now I get excited when I see an e-mail from an old friend, even if it’s just a short note or a forward; it’s nice to see their name staring back at me and to think they were thinking of me.

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