Argh, Matey

The kids are slowly getting back into their routines.  Two of them already have big projects due Friday.  My oldest is up before the crack of dawn each day for swim team practice.  I sure am glad he can drive now!  Since he didn’t keep up with it over the break, he’s having to play catch up.  I think his bed will see more of him than anyone this week.  I seem to be getting a little better sleep at night with my pick up of activity during the day as well.  It’s so fun to be lazy over the holidays, but it puts a toll on my body at the same time.  I think I like the way I feel after a workout better than after stuffing my face with a plateful of cookies.  (No, I am not crazy, ‘cuz eating the cookies is way more fun!)

We got one of those “As Seen on TV” Iron Gyms for Christmas this year from Santa.  My sons and husband decided to put it in the doorway between our living and family rooms.  Surprisingly, it’s not too obtrusive and it’s very stable.  The only one of us who can even do pull-ups is my husband.  I think our oldest can come close, but the rest of us need some help.  Once I get up there, I can hold one for a little while, but the youngest two aren’t quite that strong yet.  My husband offered our youngest a monetary reward if he can do one pull-up.  So each time he goes through the doorway, he gets set by hanging from the handles, pulls up with all of his might, and says, “Look, did you see that?  I came up a little more!” 

That reminds me it’s time for my workout – argh!

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