All Is Calm…

…once again.  As much as I love it when the kids get to take breaks from school (I can sleep in with them, there’s no rush to do homework or projects, we can play games all day or watch tv or do nothing, and there’s a more relaxed atmosphere around the house), I get another kind of calm when they go back to school.  There are no squabbles to break up, there aren’t quite as many messes to clean up, and I don’t have to yell, “Close the door!” every time they go in and out to play.  The best part is I get my schedule back.

I do better when I have a schedule.  When things are in order, I am more calm.  When new or unexpected things pop up, I sometimes don’t initially react well, but I eventually deal and adjust as necessary.  I’ve had to learn to do that a lot in the past 17 years.  This next and last military move has been on our minds since we arrived here in Virginia.  I know things will be fine; it’s going to be a little different, so I have to prepare for that.  I like to have all my ducks in a row, so when I’ve said that I’m nervous about this or that, I’m just getting ready for what’s ahead.

And what’s ahead right now is getting back to the gym.  I’m on my way out for a jog right now.


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