Winter Wonderland Wednesday

Well, the cold weather left as fast as it came. It’s close to 70 degrees today. I guess we won’t see a white Christmas here (which is just jolly with me :)!  But the rest of the house would probably love to see some of the white stuff.  I think the boys may make their way west towards the mountains before the week’s end to play.  If there is shopping or other indoor activities in the vacinity, the girls may go as well. Otherwise, we’ll stay here, and I’m sure we’ll find something to do.

The shopping is finished, the stockings are hung, the goodies are ready for Santa and his reindeer, and the kids are outside playing off the excitement and sugar rush.  My youngest told me at breakfast that he just wants to skip today.  I’m enjoying the day, sitting and talking and enjoying the calmness…before the storm of tomorrow. 

We plan to go on a drive about in an hour to look at the Christmas lights around town.  Then we’ll head over to a neighbor’s Christmas Eve get-together for a little holiday cheer and caroling.  Afterwards, I hope that the kids can get to sleep at a decent time so that Santa can arrive and do his thing, then return home to get to bed at a decent hour as well.

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