“Finally Friday” Tueday

It’s finally our Friday before Christmas break. The kids get out about lunch time. My youngest’s class had a holiday brunch to which the parents were invited (along with their baked goods) for an hour this morning. I was asked to bring a cake and/or bread, so I decided to make a loaf of my kids’ favorite (banana bread) and a loaf of my favorite (strawberry bread).

My mil arrives this evening and will stay for Christmas and a few days after.  I’ve always looked forward to visits from my in-laws.  They have always been wonderful to the kids and me.  I have fond memories of my fil and miss him very much.  We have visited Florida for many Christmases, and they have visited us when we’ve been overseas as well.  But this year we decided to wake up in our own beds since we travelled south less than two months ago.

I am sure by the time the kids get home today, even only having been at school for a few hours, all three will be high not only on the thoughts of 12 days off from school, but on lots of candy and cookies.  I hope the weather is good this afternoon so that I can send them outside to run off those sugary calories and energy.

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  1. Hey Steph,
    Pretty spooky, huh? Both of us posting about Joel. I have just had this knot in my throat for a couple of days thinking about him. Man, I miss him alot. I will have to email you the picture that I found on the fridge from my little girl. It surprised me and then made me squall. Unexpected, emotion from such a young one.

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