Merry Monday

We woke up to…cold once again. No snow this time, but it’s feeling like Christmas this first day of winter. We often travel at this time of the year, usually to Florida to see the rest of the family. I love sharing the time with all the cousins and in-laws, but this year we decided it would be nice to wake up in our own beds Christmas morning.

Today I have a little last minute shopping to do, stocking stuffers and groceries.  I haven’t decided what to make for Christmas dinner yet.  We usually end up eating candy and cookies for the better part of the day and are not hungry for a big meal, so I may make it a light meal this year.  The kids have school today and half a day tomorrow, so I better make the best of the time I have today.

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One response to “Merry Monday

  1. We will miss you all, but I totally understand wanting to wake up at your own house. We are going to stay home this year. My folks are coming in on Christmas eve and will stay and eat dinner on Christmas, but then they will return to their house. Judy will be coming to see ya’ll and I am loving the fact that I can pile out on the couch and veg and feel absolutely comfortable in doing so. Not that anyone else wouldn’t make me comfortable, but it’s just different at your own house.

    Be careful out there shopping. Watch out for reindeer.

    Love you guys.

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