Friday Nights

I Christmas shop all year long.  When I see something I think someone would like, I get it and stash it in my closet.  It doesn’t fail, however, that when December rolls around that I still have quite a bit of shopping to do.  I have been running around all week from store to mall and am still stumped on a few people.   I need to get packages in the mail this weekend, or I’m afraid our gifts will arrive after Chirstmas.  That actually wouldn’t bother me too much.  Receiving presents after the holiday or a birthday makes the occasion last longer.

I’m taking a break from the shopping right now but will be back at it in a little bit to hopefully wrap it all up.  I’ve been reading some of my blog friends’ posts on my break.  They are all so excited; it’s the Friday that begins Christmas break…in their worlds.  It’s just another Friday night here at our house.  Our “Friday” will be next Tuesday.  We’ll have our regular activities this weekend, basketball practice, a swim meet, etc. 

But for now, our Friday night activities are beginning.  I’m off to drop off two of the kids to holiday parties.  And then back to the shopping.  Merry, merry.

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One response to “Friday Nights

  1. YAY. We’re on Christmas break. Rob broke down and let the kids stay up late last night. What grumps they were today when they got up. My mama’s family is having their Christmas party today and we had to get up early to go shopping for fireworks. Hope you are feeling alright.

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