Goals and Motivation

Yesterday my kids all brought home their quarterly progress reports from school.  The two youngest had straight A’s for the first time.  They were so excited as they are usually disappointed because they’ve missed all A’s with one close B+.  The oldest has made straight A’s several times, but this year seems to be challenging him a bit more.  Honors English, French IV, calculus, swim team, and a girl friend will do that, I suppose.  I am so proud of all of them, straight A’s or not.  They all three strive for their best, and that’s all I can ask for. 

So now they are motivating me a bit.  With the new year coming, I am thinking of resolutions.  I haven’t made any since I was a kid, but this year may be different.  I haven’t been feeling the best for a little while, and I am hoping that all of that has passed.  Now that I’m moving around more, I am hoping to get my energy back, plus a little more than before.  I need to get back on the work-out wagon and take advantage of the family gym membership that we pay for each month.  My goal is to get back on track with what I was doing in Guam.  I was running 5-K’s, 10-K’s, or sprint triathlons at least once a month.  I don’t think that I will find the variety of races here, but I will start by looking for one to use as a goal in a few months. 

I think I’ll try something I haven’t done in years and put my resolutions on paper for 2009.  Maybe if I post them somewhere and see them each day, I will remember what my goals are and be motivated to work towards them.  It’s worth a try.


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  1. WOW!!! Talk about wow. 5 Ks and 10 Ks….My goal is to make it to the mailbox and back without falling down….I’m glad you are feeling better. Don’t hate on yourself too much, you have been through a huge huge ordeal this past little while. Give yourself some credit…..

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