Enjoying the Now

My husband came home yesterday with a big packet of paper to fill out and said we needed to sit down with a calendar to plan out the next 6 months.  It’s all for his retirement June 1.  Ackkk!  I’m here trying to figure out where to put the Christmas tree, and he needs to tell the Navy when and where and what and how much.  I know the day will be here before we know it, and it’s a bit daunting.  Even though the military life is not the most desirable at times, it does have its securities. 

I will miss living next door to another military family who is going through the same life as we are.  I will miss my children being quickly accepted at the school because we have lived in mainly military-saturated towns.  I will miss being stationed overseas and the travelling associated with it.  I will miss being able to be home when my children get out of school.  I will miss our family’s tightness because of how often we’ve had to move.

I won’t miss the deployments.  I won’t miss my husband being gone for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, summers, etc.  I won’t miss moving every 6 months to 2 years.  I won’t miss having 1/4 of our belongings in storage because military housing is sometimes quite small.  I won’t miss having things stolen or lost with each move.  I won’t miss worrying about where we’re going next and not enjoying the now. 

I’m afraid that is what is happening here, at our last official duty station.  We know we are leaving in June.  We are gearing up to move for the last time with the military.  We are thinking about the schools our children will attend next year, the jobs we need to find, the house we want to buy or build … everything about the next place.  At times I feel as if we have been going through the motions to get through the 22 months we are here (with just 6 now remaining).  My husband is not flying at this command, so he is a little antsy each day working at a desk.  I am not volunteering in any of my children’s classrooms as they are all past elementary school starting this year.  Thankfully the kids are just as busy as ever with their activities which is one norm that we all cling to.  We love to watch them perform in the band or chorus or a sport.  So that is how I am enjoying the now.  I hope with the busy-ness and confusion over the next few months, we can enjoy more in our last little bit of time left in the military life.

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One response to “Enjoying the Now

  1. I’m sorry that you are apprehensive about moving this time. But you will coming home to family. There are enough of them that the kids will be fostered right in like they have been here from day one. I hope they don’t get sick of my kids crowding them. Trying to make up for all the away time.
    I am so excited that it’s almost time for ya’ll to come here. It is going to be great. Wait and see. We’ll stick together and I might (notice I said might) even go shopping with you when you get here.

    Maybe we should start a business together? I’m not good at anything but paperwork and office stuff. I don’t really have any saleable talents. What about you? Do you cook really good? What is something that would set this little town on it’s ear?

    Looking forward to carpooling too. Ha ha, we’re gonna have a blast.

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