I’m Baaack

My husband called me from work and asked when I was going to post my next blog.  Well, I’ve been a wee tad busy the past couple of weeks.  Our Swedish friends left the farm two Thursday’s ago because my girlfriend had her conference to get to in Orlando.  Oh yeah, that, the whole point of the trip – work.  They decided to stay the last couple of nights in Orlando since she had to work (ugh!).  We talked on the phone after they arrived, and they said they had settled in at the hotel, she had been to one of her conferences, and the kids had immediately found the pool.  They also announced that she didn’t have any conferences the next day, only Saturday, so they asked if we’d like to join them Friday to go to a theme park.  We met a family at Universal Studios who were sprinkled with orange and blue (oh my!). 

So we got a second good-bye.  It was a very nice week.  Saturday, we got back on the road for the 12-hour drive back home for me to prepare for surgery.  I went into the hospital last Monday morning and hung out for a couple of days.  They treated me really well.  I got a morphine drip hooked to a little button that I could press whenever I needed it.  Because they gave me that, I forgave them when they came to take my vitals every 2 hours.  When they told me that I was ready to go home after two days, I decided I could live without the morphine (they sent me home with some good replacement drugs) and the every other hour vitals checks. 

Last night, my husband took me for my first outing in a week.  I went to my clase de español.  I warned the few who sat around me that if I started speaking something other than English or Spanish, that it was the drugs talking.  One guy who sits across from me said he’d never heard me speak so much before.  From what I remember it was all okaaay…

Maybe I should stop with that for today.  I need to go take a pill, or did I just have one at lunch time?


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2 responses to “I’m Baaack

  1. Funky Winkerbean

    Better living through chemistry . . .

  2. Hey,

    Good to have you back. I hope you are feeling well. Did Tom tell you I called?

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