The Sky is the Limit

My world is pretty much like many stay-at-home moms.  I send the kiddos off to school each morning, proceed with the housework, volunteer work, etc., and after school cart the kids around to their extracurricular activities.  Yesterday, my husband had the day off from work and decided to take me on a short flight southward to the (unofficial) birthplace of aviation near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  (Ohio claims to be the birthplace because that is where the Wright brothers were born and developed their plans for flight.)  My in-laws bought an airplane a few years ago as my father-in-law missed flying (he was an Army helicopter pilot back in the 60’s.)  My mother-in-law has since earned her private pilot’s license, and I think my husband loves to have someone else to speak pilot language with.  She lent him her plane for a few weeks as my husband is trying to build up his civilian airplane flight hours as most of his are in military helicopters.

I have been up in private airplanes before, but it’s been a while.  My uncle was a Marine Corp helicopter pilot back in the late 70’s.  Once when he came to visit my family, he rented a small plane and took my sisters and me out flying.  It was a blast, plus I thought it was cool that my uncle was a pilot.  Now I’m married to a Navy helicopter pilot.  He’s never been able to take me up in one of his (the Navy’s) helicopters, but when we lived in Guam I actually got to ride in a Marine helo because the base was doing a casualty training exercise, and I got to be a part of a group being “rescued.”

Yesterday was special in that my husband got to land on the airstrip right next to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, and I got to spend the day with him sans enfants (which doesn’t happen often around here).  We walked around the memorial then took a short taxi ride to a local restaurant and had lunch.  Then we got back to the airplane and came back home, back to continue with my “earthly” duties.


Note:  I was going to post some of the beautiful pictures I took from the air, but my computer decided to kill them all today.  After I hooked up the connection between my camera and the computer yesterday, the battery died in my camera.  So I immediately stuck it in the recharger.  I used to have a back-up battery, but lost that on my trip to Florida this summer.  I then removed the card from the camera and put it in the slot in my laptop to download the pictures that way.  I saw a few of the (beautiful) pictures and then my computer went crazy and asked me if I wanted to Format my card.  I said NO way, and waited for my camera battery to recharge.   This morning, my camera could not recognize any of the pictures any longer and asked if I wanted to Format the card as well.  I had backed up pictures through about a month ago (thank goodness) but lost all from my daughter’s birthday party (except the cake, in a previous post), my oldest’s last cross country meet, my youngest son dressed up in goth form for decade day at school yesterday, and the pictures from my husband’s and my flight (boo hoo!).

Lessons learned:  Back up pictures after every major event!  And buy another back-up battery.

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