Missing Pieces

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’d do anything for my kids…as evidenced by today’s activities.  I removed the HEPA bag from my vacuum cleaner and cut it open.  I have been waiting to do this for over a month because I accidentally vacuumed up some of my son’s Legos in his room.  I usually try to warn the kids when I will be vacuuming their rooms, so they can pick up anything in the way.  If I find anything left out, I put it on their beds or desks.  For Christmas this past year, my son received one of those monster 1,000+ piece Lego sets, and I remember him staying up to build it until the wee hours of the next morning.  He was so proud.  Somehow it got dropped this summer, and the pieces went everywhere around his room.  When I was vacuuming one day, I saw two tiny ones under his desk just as I heard the loud pop-pop.  I tried to erase it by pulling the vaccuum back very quickly and shutting it off, but they were gone.  So today, I dove in. 

I dug through dust (which had me in a fit of coughs and sneezes), dirt, hair, tiny rubberbands for my daughter’s braces, staples, little pieces of paper and plastic, tape, etc.  And did I find one stickin’ lego?  No, of course not!  I did find a green bead (my daughter’s), a tiny tea cup from a cute little doll set (my daughter’s), a hairclip (my daughter’s), a little silver piece (not sure what it is, but I’m keeping it just in case), a clear plastic piece (it looks a little Lego-ish), and a penny (at least I got paid for my troubles).

Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces

My husband is going to think I am insane.  I think it’s just the OCD in me.  I hate it when we’ve lost pieces from games or puzzles; I hate it when a deck is lacking a card.  But I keep the incomplete game or puzzle or deck in hopes of finding the missing piece.  And sometimes I do find one, especially when we move.  Moving has been good in some ways in that we find things we’ve been looking for over the year or two we’ve lived in that place. 

For now, I will have to deliver the bad news to my son when he gets home from school.  Maybe he can borrow a piece or two from one of the many other Lego sets that he has.

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One response to “Missing Pieces

  1. mymomgenes

    Ha! My post led me to yours, and I’m the same way. I keep unmatched socks in the hope the long-lost partner will return. I’ve kept socks through three moves! Sad, sad, sad.

    I also lose the same barrettes you’ve got pictured. When I saw that one, I thought “Oooh, score!”


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