Back to the Books

Now that my kids have been back to school for 3 weeks, it’s my turn.  Last night I started the second half of a Spanish class I started in the spring.  Then, the class was held during the day and mainly consisted of senior citizens, most wanting to have a better understanding of the language when they go on missions trips with their churches.  They had some neat stories about their travels to different Spanish-speaking countries.  This time the class is at night and is full of people more around my age.  I’m sure I’ll gradually find out their reasons for taking the class.

I took Spanish in high school, and since the French I learned 3 years ago has stuck fairly well with me, I thought I’d give Spanish a whirl again.  I don’t think I can beat the training we had with the military program, but I figure I’ve got nothing to lose in trying (except the $65 I paid for the class).  I need to be a bit more disciplined than I was in the spring though.  I’ve bought lots of Spanish workbooks and even language tapes and cds.  I’ve downloaded podcasts to my ipod.  I’ve listened to a few here and there when I’ve had the chance.  But I think actually going to the classes will help the most.  In the spring I studied a little between the once-a-week classes but not nearly as much as I did with the French.  Maybe the fact that there were tests and grades with the French class motivated me a bit more and that the class was held every weekday probably helped as well. 

When I first started researching blog spots a month ago, I came across some foreign language blogs on  There were quite a few posts by people who are trying to improve in a second language.  I found one girl who speaks English but grew up with a Spanish speaker at home as well.  She is now trying to improve on her French which she took in college.  We are in the process of meeting on line and trying to set up a way we can help one another.  I hope it works and that this might be another way to improve on my Spanish. 

As I continue to look at other blogs, it is amazing all the info out there in cyberspace.  One website I found is a little different than others,  I think it’s a neat concept.  I found it while searching for military families who are getting ready to separate/retire from the military.  I found a posting there by a woman who is having a hard time adjusting to civilian life; as a result I met a slew of others with similar interests to mine.  I met a brand new Navy wife last week who is getting ready to move to Guam; it will be their first duty station.  She seemed so excited yet nervous, but I think I helped alleviate some of her worries. 

The internet is a great place to learn new things, meet new people, share experiences…  I could spend hours on the computer sometimes.  But I don’t think it can beat face-to-face interaction.  So, I’m off for now to go learn and share with my family.

Hasta luego!


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2 responses to “Back to the Books

  1. Good luck. The only Spanish I can retain is the days of the week and some of my colors and a few words. IF they are spoken very slowly.

  2. Hi– randomly ran across your blog. Thx so much for visiting Experience Project. It is a wonderful community, and is populated by hundreds of military families (among others) sharing the experiences that define their lives. We’re thrilled and grateful you found us!

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